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Has anyone had experience of using 1% hydrocortisone cream for treating low cortisol?

I have just received my adrenal saliva test results from Dr Myhill. I have low cortisol and she has recommended I use hydrocortisone cream to treat. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has treated their adrenal issues by this method with any advice if pos. Also if not treated in this way but just info about this treatment would be welcome especially how effective it is.

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I tried it for a while and it made no difference. I have never been able to address my adrenal issues successfully due to chronic stress (bullying) at work. It is incredibly difficult to get on top of. Good luck


Have u tried CT3M?


I tried it too ad it made no difference. I just bought some cortisone tablets in the end and took those instead. They worked brilliantly.


Thanks fr yr reply. Very interesting. Another site member also said the cream did nothing. Cd u give more info re cortisone tabs such as where purchased, dose, cost and if u had any medical input/guidance/supervision. U may have to PM me as not sure of the rules on this one.

Thks again



Hi galathea, Could you please P.M details of where you purchased cortisone tablets and any other info. as asked by Caze.

Thank you browny


If you are looking at treating your adrenals then this protocol from Dr Chandy will be useful;

I am thinking about self medicating with physiological doses of hydrocortisone due to long term low morning cortisol. I am starting off by getting a 9am cortisol test from my GP and then asking if he will retest in a few months. I'm fed up of feeling so bad in the morning, adrenal support supplements did not get my adrenals back to full function. Hopefully, Dr Myhill will be able to offer guidance if you use hydrocortisone tablets.

I'll send a private message re where to get the medication - Maddie


Hi Maddie , could you please send me a P.M. re where to get medication.

Many thanks browny


Hi - Which medication are you interested in? - Maddie


Hi Maddie,

The cortisone tablets


I realize this thread is 4 years old but I am interested in buying hydrocortisone cream/ointment online to treat low cortisol as confirmed by salivary testing. Any info qould be appreciated. Thank you.


It would be far better for you to post a new question!

Low dose hydrocortisone ointment is available over the counter in any UK pharmacy.


Thank u fr the link and information Maddie.

Best wishes C.


Hope everything works out for you, Dr Chandy's protocol for hypoadrenals may be useful;



Maddie...or Caze, so sorry revive a 2 year old post but could you pm me the link as well please? I just can't seem to find those HC tabs anywhere.

Thank you!


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