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Off prescriptions T3 from none UK sources, should I tell my GP?

Hey you fabulous lot,

So with the help of so many wonderful peeps on this forum I've been able to get my bloods tested and recommendations for medication to rebalance things.

Currently on 50mg/day of T3 after three month titration without any negative symptoms.

However my condition isn't particularly improving and I'm off to see my GP today.

Do I tell my GP I'm taking T3? There has been a reduction in my palpitations and jitteriness as well as a reduction in pain medication so I feel it is working but not as much as I had hoped.

We have a relationship built on openness and he has an idea that I would go abroad to acquire whatever I felt I needed but it's difficult to discuss health issues with him without explaining I'm on T3.

I'm also on exorbitant amounts of betahistine, something like 500% more than the NHS allow GPS to prescribe and I'm happy to tell him I'm buying this as I've an ent app at the end of this month so I'll be able to hopefully get my meds increased to my current dose when I've seen the consultant.

Difficult one really.

Thanks everyone xx

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Hi MrsJim,

I would be inclined to tell your GP about the T3 so it is at least recorded on your notes - important if something unexpected happens so they have the full picture and can do a proper assessment. It will also make any blood tests look odd and inexplicable if they dont know about it.

Is the betahistine for vertigo? I had ongoing attacks of unexplained vertigo but found they went away after heavy supplementation of B12. I see in an earlier post your B12 was adequate - though not optimal - have you been supplementing? Using thyroid meds will use up B12 and could pull down your level to one which could have vertigo as a symptom.



startagaingirl thank you for your reply. My GP suspects I'm taking the T3 but has already said he won't be retesting my bloods for a while in regards to my thyroid so I'll tell him the dosage etc but like you said so it's in the record.

The B12 I've been taking sublingual in silly high doses for three months now, I'm eating them like tic tacs but they've not made any noticeable difference if I'm being honest, but that doesn't mean they're not working but that the 'menieres' isn't a result of the B12.

I had a car accident four months after having a disc removed from my neck and suffered severe whiplash in the crash. The tinnitus, vertigo etc and thyroid issues all started then, although my mother has Graves as did my great grandmother. The bones in my lower skull/upper spine are sublaxing constantly so I doubt my GP will freak out over the huge amounts of betahistine but only because I'm seeing and ent in three weeks.

You're right though and in never thought about my medical record just in case something happened.

Thanks so much xx

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Not sure how your GP is expected to help you if you don't tell him that you are taking T3 and more Betahistine than recommended.

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I've not told my gp or endocrinologist that I've been taking t3 and my blood test results are obviously weird to them which has raised a flag. If you have, as you say, a relationship built on openness, then tell him. Although if you haven't told him there wasn't much openness!

I too am worried about them not knowing because if something else happens I could be placed in a dangerous situation with other treatment. I'm at a crossroads myself. Good luck.


I have told to my GP that I am self-medicating with only T3 now. I don't think that he was much bothered with the news and don't think that he really even cares what I take :)


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