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New blood results

New blood results

Hi there just had some more bloods done and have added a photo below of results .... I need a bit of help in understanding them really ..... I have applied for reduced hours at work from 37 1/2 to 30 but they have said it will take 12 weeks to decide if viable :( anyway my doctor has given me a reduced working certificate for another 4 weeks .

I am now on NDT and take 1 grain in the morning and 1 grain early afternoon.

I also take the following:

1 x grain NDT early morning (6am)

1 x 1000mg vit C in the morning

1 x B Right Complex - in the morning

1 x grain NDT early afternoon (12pm)

1 x D3 3000 IU & K2 MK7 115mcg in the evening

1 selenuim 200mcg in the evening

1 x 1000 mg vit C in the evening

Now should I cut any of these down or take more and also should I be taking anything else ?

Now I have awful aches and pains in my arms and legs to the point I now shuffle everywhere like my feet are fused to my legs ?

All help will be appreciated.

Thankyou all xxx :)

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Your vitamin D is still very low. How long have you been taking 3000iu? If it's a while, then dose needs increasing.

As you have high antibodies, this means Hashimoto's. Are you on gluten free diet? Many of us find it really helps.

Your ferritin is low - others will advise - or look at plenty of other posts on how to increase low levels.


Hi there SlowDragon no I am not currently on gluten free but am looking into taking the plunge just havent quite summoned up the courage yet and yes I know I need to :(

If I increase my Vit D what amount per day would you suggest?

I am also going to take ferritin , how long should I give it before I see some difference ? I also forgot to mention that I have a pounding heart even when resting... should I cut back on the NDT. Another site I look at thinks I may be Pooling but this confuses me even more ! ???


You shouldn't supplement vit D or ferritin without getting tested first. Especially ferritin.

Can get vit D spot blood test for £28

We all vary enormously in how much we need.

Personally I found pounding heart improved when I went gluten free. (I was very sceptical before I did it) Also for me supplementing magnesium helped too. (More on my profile)

I have tried both T3 & NDT in the past , but possibly due to unrealised nutrient deficiencies & undiagnosed gluten intolerance , both were, on balance, worse for me than just Levo (always same brand taken at bedtime, taking as high a dose as possible without T4 going above top of range)


I have had them tested last week:

Ferritin 34.17 ug/L (13.000 - 150.000)

Vit D 55.62 nmol/L ( 50.000 - 200.000)


Both are low then

Vit D - I started low at 1000iu and increased until it finally started rising

Suggest you make new post asking about low ferritin & how to treat

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