New blood results

New blood results

Hi there just had some more bloods done and have added a photo below of results .... I need a bit of help in understanding them really ..... I have applied for reduced hours at work from 37 1/2 to 30 but they have said it will take 12 weeks to decide if viable :( anyway my doctor has given me a reduced working certificate for another 4 weeks .

I am now on NDT and take 1 grain in the morning and 1 grain early afternoon.

I also take the following:

1 x grain NDT early morning (6am)

1 x 1000mg vit C in the morning

1 x B Right Complex - in the morning

1 x grain NDT early afternoon (12pm)

1 x D3 3000 IU & K2 MK7 115mcg in the evening

1 selenuim 200mcg in the evening

1 x 1000 mg vit C in the evening

Now should I cut any of these down or take more and also should I be taking anything else ?

Now I have awful aches and pains in my arms and legs to the point I now shuffle everywhere like my feet are fused to my legs ?

All help will be appreciated.

Thankyou all xxx :)

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  • Your vitamin D is still very low. How long have you been taking 3000iu? If it's a while, then dose needs increasing.

    As you have high antibodies, this means Hashimoto's. Are you on gluten free diet? Many of us find it really helps.

    Your ferritin is low - others will advise - or look at plenty of other posts on how to increase low levels.

  • Hi there SlowDragon no I am not currently on gluten free but am looking into taking the plunge just havent quite summoned up the courage yet and yes I know I need to :(

    If I increase my Vit D what amount per day would you suggest?

    I am also going to take ferritin , how long should I give it before I see some difference ? I also forgot to mention that I have a pounding heart even when resting... should I cut back on the NDT. Another site I look at thinks I may be Pooling but this confuses me even more ! ???

  • You shouldn't supplement vit D or ferritin without getting tested first. Especially ferritin.

    Can get vit D spot blood test for £28

    We all vary enormously in how much we need.

    Personally I found pounding heart improved when I went gluten free. (I was very sceptical before I did it) Also for me supplementing magnesium helped too. (More on my profile)

    I have tried both T3 & NDT in the past , but possibly due to unrealised nutrient deficiencies & undiagnosed gluten intolerance , both were, on balance, worse for me than just Levo (always same brand taken at bedtime, taking as high a dose as possible without T4 going above top of range)

  • I have had them tested last week:

    Ferritin 34.17 ug/L (13.000 - 150.000)

    Vit D 55.62 nmol/L ( 50.000 - 200.000)

  • Both are low then

    Vit D - I started low at 1000iu and increased until it finally started rising

    Suggest you make new post asking about low ferritin & how to treat

  • T3 is the active thyroid hormone which controls the metabolism and therefore the symptoms. Your Free T3 is in the top part of the normal range, which is good, so you should not have hypothyroid symptoms.

    As you are still having what appear to be hypothyroid symptoms, one possible cause is a genetic condition commonly known as Thyroid Hormone Resistance. It causes hypothyroid symptoms and requires very high T3 levels (often above the top of the normal range) in the body to overcome the resistance.

    As it is genetic if there are other family members with thyroid problems, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, Coeliac Disease, MS, Heart Disease or depression this would further support this possibility.

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