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In May my TSH was 3.6 and in August it was 75.4. I'm August my T4 was 3. In May it was a blood test to see if I had a thyroid problem but the results showed I didn't so I left it. After feeling unwell and swollen in the upper body they did bloods. I have weird panic attacks that I feel coming on with tingling at back of my neck and then I can't move my arms. I am ANA positive/speckled/1:100. I have an elevated IgM 3.4g/l, C4 13 and lymphocyte 1.1. All other tests normal. Any ideas on why my TSH jumped to so high? Thanks

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  • MrsCHN,

    It's unusual for TSH to rise so quickly in 3 months. Presumably you have been prescribed Levothyroxine?

  • I have now. I wondered if anyone knew what might trigger something like this. Hair falling out lots too :(

  • MrsCHN,

    Ask your GP to test thyroid peroxidase antibodies. Autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Triggers can be puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

    Hairloss is a common hypothyroid symptom and should improve when you are optimally medicated.

    For maximum absorption Levothyroxine should be taken with water 1 hour before or 2 hours after food and drink, 2 hours away from other medication and supplements, and 4 hours away from calcium, iron, vitamin D supplements and oestrogen.

    It takes 7-10 days for Levothyroxine to be absorbed before it starts working and it will take up to six weeks to feel the full impact of the dose.

    You should have a follow up thyroid test 6-8 weeks after starting Levothyroxine. Arrange an early morning and fasting (water only) blood draw when TSH is highest, and take Levothyroxine after your blood draw.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • I have had that checked but letter just says elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies, ESR 18 & CRP 2

  • MrsCHN,

    Elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.

    So Hashimoto's is the cause of your hypothyroidism but I don't know why it progressed so quickly between May and August.

    ESR and CRP can indicate whether there is inflammation in the body. I don't know what the upper range for ESR is at your lab but CRP 2 is a low result which is good.

  • Ok thank you for your help. I have an endocrinology appoinment soon hopefully get sorted soon

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