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Improving results from before but is my FT3 still too low ? Should I now add in T3 ..advice would be appreciated

Having been on my increased dose now (50mcg to 75mcg ) for approx 8 weeks

My results are as follows

TSH 0.4 (0.27-4.20) ....., before 0.8 (0.3-3.05)

FT4 17.5 (12.00-22.00).....before 13.9(10-28.2)

FT3 3.6( 3.10-6.80) ....before 4.5 (4.3-8.1)

Symptoms have improved but still thinking that maybe this shows a poor conversion of T4-T3

Would be most grateful for any advice , i think that I am interpreting that my T4 is around the middle ( maths is not my forte!) and that my T3 still needs to be improved

Is that right ?

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Yes, FT3 is below range so you are a poor converter. I think adding T3 to Levothyroxine will be the only way to raise FT3 sufficiently.

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