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Advise on symptom

Hi everyone.

Just after a bit more advice. I've had more bloods and ECG done today (ECG normal...suprise suprise :-/ ) as not been well, I previously posted about this (TSH normal but feel awful). So currently in the LONG diagnostic conveyor belt by GP.

I've been keeping a log of symptoms and have noticed when my body is in an emotional state, whether it be happy, sad, crying, suprised, nervous etc, I get short of breath, chest pains, sore throat/pressure on throat with hoarse voice and the shakes in my legs (standing or sitting) that come on instantaneously, didn't used to get this response. Just wondered if anyone else experiences this.

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Yes, i have this situation. exactly the same, long trip to doctors, had many Ecg, said normal. it just my arms shaking, not legs. my pulse rate always 90- 100. few days was 125. But also have diarrhea, swollen body joint pain and headache. tsh normal


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