Another symptom??!

So nice little trip to A & E for me tonight, sharp chest pains, palpitations,shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea.

ECG - nothing

Chest Xray - nothing

I've been told by the on call GP to persist with getting this sorted, she feels it's an autoimmune issue although I took my blood results with me and she said they were 'normal!'

Sent home and told to take Ibruprofen and paracetamol! :-(

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  • Hi Chazza_V

    That's a shame you felt do bad you had to go to A&E tonight. I was also at the doctors ONCALL tonight but all clear. Doctor was quite thorough and thought my fluid retention, breathlessness and sore all over was Thyroid / anaemia related. Started levothyroxine after a lot of hassle. Did the blood tests show your results. Iir you post them on the site people will give good advice to you. I am new to this forum and have learned a lot about the wide ranging problems related to thyroid. My GP said TSH 4.25 was "normal" . Glad you didn't have heart issues tonight. Hugs xxx

  • Well i called 111 spoke to a nurse practitioner and they were going to send an abulance but i said i'd rather take myself up. I was quite worried, never felt anything like it! Yes test done last week by GP, TSH was 4 (Range 0.3-4.5). Saw the on call out of hours doctor at the hospital tonight. Stats wise everything is good, no abnormalities but I told her my symptoms and she said somethings not quite right :-(

  • Hi Chazza

    I have been in twice before and all clear so I am trying to be confident it's not heart. Had a heart scan done and exercise treadmill. All ok. Hope your GP will do further tests for you. Night .

  • With a TSH of 4, you are hypo, no matter what the range. Are you on thyroid hormone replacement? If so, you need an increase.

  • No, GP x 2 have said 'normal range' my problems are no way thyroid related, chest pains are costeochrondritis and anxiey! :-(

  • Doctors know nothing about thyroid. They also don't understand ranges. There are countries where you would be treated once Your TSH reached 3. They also don't know that anxiety is a symptom, not a disease.

  • Yes, exactly. My GP wanted to up my dose of anti-D as he said I wasn't taking note of my bodys signs of anxiety, I haven't been anxious at all until now! I gave him a list of my symptoms (it was a big list!), my family history of hypo and it all screams hypo!

  • Yes, but they don't know anything about symptoms, either. I once met a man to whom all birds were ducks. Ducks of different sizes and ducks of different colours. He couldn't tell the difference. And doctors are the same. To them, all symptoms are symptoms of depression/anxiety. They can't tell the difference. So, in order to get well, you not only have to get your ducks in a row, but you also have to have them labeled...

  • Well said grey goose!!!

  • Hi Greygoose that's a good of analogy about ducks haha. Last night I took a copy of my blood results to the doctor on call and he confirmed my symptoms are Thyroid! It's like having to detective work providing evidence of everything! He even went to say if bloods don't show hypo issues doctors can listen to symptoms and prescribe thyroid medication. He was not British though! Pity my Endo didn't see it like that instead of telling his secretary to tell me "HE WILL NOT TREAT ME" when I go to first appt on 10/11/16. Luckily my renal doc has prescribed and I am on day 3 of Levi but the whole system of diagnosing beggars belief. If it is chest pain utsblue lughts and rapid assessment. Otherwise forget it. It's very frustrating! Best wishes xxx

  • It is very sad and frustrating, isn't it. But also very dangerous!

  • Hi Greygoose yes it certainly is dangerous!! I am only getting somewhere as I have medical problems. I think the system will change one day but brilliant then people need to take charge of their own health. I have felt able to cope because of this forum and the caring way people have listened. Thank you everyone 😀😀😀

  • Other pre-existing medical problems.

  • :)

  • A side effect of many anti-D is anxiety or worsening of existing symptoms.

    The response by some doctors to these symptoms is to increase your dose or swap anti-D instead of realising there is something else wrong.

    In short don't take them unless you need them.

  • My renal doctor stated recently 2.5 TSH should be upper limit ... although I know this forum states under 1 TSH is the aim to go for. Pity the NHS Endos don't see it that way. I will post the details of my first appt with them soon. wish me luck 😳😳😳

  • Under one is the TSH to aim for when on thyroid hormone replacement. There is some discussion about what is actually a euthyroid TSH. Some say it's up to 2, others, around 1. But a range ending at 2.5 might be slightly low. I would say 3 for diagnostic purposes.

    Once you are on thyroid hormone replacement, the TSH should be ignored, unless it goes over 1.5.

  • for me anxiety related to the severe vertigo and nausea. Stress from notknowing can do all kinds of things. I would ask you the same, are you on hormone replacement?

  • No not on any hormone replacement :-)

  • I really hope you get some relief soon! I've had heart palpitations as well pre-levo. It's all kinds of scary and certainly doesn't help the emotions. Let us know how everything goes please. hugs

  • How frustrating! I've got further bloods wed so fingers crossed! :-)

  • So sorry you are feeling bad, it seems that when we have chest pains we are always told Costocondoritis, i have had a similar experience A and E twice with chest pains.

    But persisted saw my G.P and was sent to hospital Cardio unit and am now awaiting further tests.

    A few years ago i was really ill severe dizziness, low heart rate admitted to A and E and yes they diagnosed acute anxiety!!!! later found out my T3 was totally out of range a very long story as to how i got that tested so i wont delve in to that it would take far to long.

    I personally think its all Thyroid related as i am feeling really crap again.

    Hope you get sorted soon


    Dotti x

  • Totally agree

  • I ended up in A & E several times with the same complaints. After all tests always told I was suffering from anxiety. They put me on a trial of beta blockers but I ended up telling them where to put them lol! They made my symptoms of hypothyroid even worse. My tsh at the time was 4.1 but they told me all my blood tests were normal. I went through 4 years of hell and no doc would believe me or do anything about it. With the help of people on here I was able to work it all out and put the pieces of my personal puzzle together. We are all different and are hypo for different reasons. Its very complicated and it means finding the piece of your own puzzle thats missing. You need to look at vit d, ferrittin, b12, progesterone, cortisol, tsh, ft4, ft3, the thyroid plus 11 blood test from blue horizon provided me with my answers. If you post your results on here you will get the help you need on work it out. Im not using thyroid meds yet my tsh is getting lower as all my other levels are improving. My pain has gone and Im loosing less hair. I have more energy and no more crashing fatigue. My anxiety is now under control. I hope you find your answers soon xx

  • Hi Magsyh

    Such a shame you had 4 years of hell !! Yes I also had hospital doctors... 3 ...!hospital doctors asking me if "I'm doing this to myself" (RE breathlessness) soo condescending. New bloods show otherwise after me fighting to get them done!! I would say to anyone don't be put off with negative GPS minimising the very debilitating symptoms of thyroid disorders. That's good your not loosing as much hair. wish you all the best for continued improvements. Hugs xxx

  • Thanks everyone. I WILL get to the bottom of this! :-)

  • Yes you will Chazza xxx

  • I'm having bloods wednesday for:

    Bone profile

    Anti-nuclear Antibody

    Full Blood Count

    C Reactive Proten

    Can anyone tell me if these are any use indicating any thing thyroid related, i'm new to this so clueless! :-/

  • I've had the following tests/results: (sorry long list)

    Serum total protein 69 g/L (60-80)

    Serum albumin 45 g/L (35-50)

    Serum Globulin 24 g/L (18-36)

    Serum Alkaline Phosphate 63 U/L (30-130)

    Serum bilirubin 7 umol/L (0-20)

    Serum alanine 25 iu/L (10-36)

    Serum sodium 142 mmol/L (133-146)

    Serum potassium 4.6 umol/L (3.5-5.3)

    Serum Creatine 77 umol/L (44-80)

    GFR 79 ml/min/1.73m^2

    TSH 4.0 miu/L (0.35-4.5)

    Total white count 4.2 10*9/L (3.6-9.2)

    Haemoglobin 137 g/L (120-155)

    Red blood count 4.5 10*12/L (3.9-5.1)

    Haematocrit 0.406 L/L (0.37-0.46)

    Mean cell volume 89.8fl (80-98)

    Mean cell haemoglobin 30.3 pg (28-33)

    Platelet count 226 10*9/L (140-400)

    Neutrophil count 2.7 10*9/L (1.7-6.2)

    Lymphocyte count 0.8 10*9/L (1-3.4)

    Monocyte count 0.5 10*9/L (0.2-0.8)

    Eosinophil count 0.3 10*9/L (0.0-0.4)

    Basophil count 0.0 10*9/L (0.0-0.1)

  • TSH 4.0 miu/L (0.35-4.5) - You are hypothyroid. That will cause many many symptoms and worsen as time goes on until you are appropriately treated and the TSH goes down.

    Here in the U.S., the former TSH chart showed a range of 0.5 - 5.0

    Today, the range is 0.3 - 3.0

    Optimally, most hypothyroid patients feel their best with a TSH of 1 or less.

    Range is relative. No individual is on the chart.

    To give you an idea, at 4.1 I thought I was losing my mind. Severe brain fog, eczema and dry skin, hair was falling out, felt moody and terribly unlike myself, bloated and water retentive, face looked like the man in the moon... round and swollen, typical hypothyroid stuff that doctors tend to ignore if one is "within range." Fired him.

    Found out I was not absorbing my thyroid medication and not taking enough. Low stomach acid was my biggest problem and thus a lack of vitamins as nutrients could not be absorbed without proper digestion. Digestion won't happen properly without sufficient stomach acid. Long time proton inhibitors were used as it was thought I was too much stomach acid. I never did. It was unknown to me at the time that the symptoms of too little stomach acid are pretty much identical to those who have too much stomach acid.

    And Big Pharma goes "ca-ching!" Proton inhibitors are very dangerous.

    Wish you the best. I am sure your issues are all due to hypothyroidism.

    Many decades of experience tell me so.


  • Thank you so much for your reply. This group has been fantastic in advise and support. I've had different symptoms occurring recently and are getting worse but but the more I look back the more I realise this has been going on a while, since about 15yrs old. Symptoms include:

    Constant worsening tiredness, naps during the day

    Difficuties waking up/over sleeping mornings but wide awake night times


    Yawning throughout the day

    Brain fog




    Chest pains

    Shortness in breath

    Loss in appetite

    Change in taste , foods I usually like taste different

    Weight gain ( 16lb in 12 months)

    Sore joints (knees, back, hips esp)


    Pins, needles and cramp in hands

    ....and the list goes on! :-/

  • And there you have it. It really is a shame that the thyroid gets lost in the shuffle as doctors make attempts to appease patients with medicines that merely mask symptoms or send them off to a "specialist" who has no clue as to where to begin! It's the thyroid, dear doctors!

    It's very difficult to believe to those who are not aware that this still goes on in the 21st century. I tell you, Chazza, you will be well. You need thyroid hormone. Any doctor who only goes strictly by TSH and nothing more is not in the know.

    The change in taste can be extreme. For me, I ate nothing but hot sauce for months. Was drinking it! Get this: I have never eaten hot sauce in my life before that. Never! Couldn't stand the smell of it nor anything that was spicy or hot with such. Then I turned into something incredible. Wish I would have been in some contests because this girl was drinking Dave's Insanity Sauce!

    My husband still can't get over it. Apparently, our bodies are in need and a body will do just about anything to get what it needs when it can't otherwise get it! For my body, hot sauce and cayenne (it does have some incredible medicinal properties, mind you) was just the ticket.

    It never bothered my stomach at all. Before, ingesting the smallest amount of hot spice was a real killer.

    Your brain fog and other symptoms will quell as you get on enough thyroid medication. Just make sure they start you with enough to make a difference in your symptoms. Your body needs it.

    You're gonna be alright, my friend. I'm happy you found the place to be. Here you are among kindred spirits. We have seen it all.

    Nice to meet you!!


  • relieved to see so many answers to your posts - I also ended up in a and e with shortness of breach, chest pains etc. everything came back normal as well. doc said it was indigestion and told me to go home in that state at 5.30am in the morning on my own. I always suspected it was my thyroid as at that time after having RAI treatment for overactive thyroid they did not put me on meds for about two years after that! its true they haven't a clue about thyroid

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