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Low gastric acid and B 12 ...and hush, puppies!

My B 12 -level is quite good, according to my doctor.

No, it is not, with the value 363 pmol/l (range 180-700). As many of you stated earlier, it should be at least 500.

I told my doctor that I am supplementing B12 with sub lingual tablets. She said OK, but she thinks there is no need for that, since once my gastric acid returns/increases, the B12 will also come up, naturally. She also said that having B 12 now will give false readings when measured and thus mislead us. Anyway, she wrote down "supplementing with B12 now" in order not to forget.

The point is that she will try out one drug/supplement at a time and see how that works. It makes sense but takes a lot of patience. It would be fine with me if I did not have to take B12 from a jar. I will have blood tests before Xmas. She was worried that I may become hyperthyroid if not careful and told me to call immediately if I should get too "wild"! This worry is based on my FT3-value, which is good at 5.5 (3.5-6.5).

I appreciate her being so careful, but everyone of us knows the will and the hurry and the eagerness to get better right away, after swallowing the very 1st pill.

I try to tell myself that if it took 12 years and even more to get myself in this poor state, it will take at least a year to get slightly better. And as my doctor pointed out, there´s some improvement already. She is right (sigh).

So what I really should do is to go on living at my best and stop posting every worry I might have...

I am happy since I will have an exciting December (if everything goes well): my coton de tulear -dog is going to have puppies! I have no idea how many there will be, yet. We are having an ultrasound within two weeks.



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Well your doctor is correct! Gasp!!!! If you have low acid then you cannot absorb the b12 but if you increase the acid level, then the b12 should rise. What are you doing to increase acid?

Nil points though if she thinks being hyper means 'going wild'..... I have no idea what you are doing to bring the t3 up, but assuming you feel a bit better than you did, keep doing it.

Great news about the puppies....... Can we see them on the chat section once they are born? You could start making them some santa hats now!

Xx. G


Its me having a brain meltdown.... Sorry. A different forum has a chat section.

Xx. G


It would still be nice to see a picture of the puppies...............


Thank you all, warmly! I will post a picture of the puppies once they are here and yes...I might as well start sewing and knitting their tiny outfits :)!!! To keep me mind off hormones...!

Galathea: I am having a hydrochloric acid (correct?) product before meals plus enzymes. They are helping a great deal in my digestion. Let´s not talk about the emotional things I cannot "digest" -well, every one has those things. Hope to be in balance one day: physically, spiritually, mentally.

I could share a pic of the "MOM"-dog, but somehow my images do not load properly. Guess they´re too big.

Love you all,


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