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Grave diseas, hyperthyroid, cyst on the left lobe of the neck

I was diagnosed of grave diseass and hyperthyroid last 2 months ago. On my follow up check up, surprisingly base on my ultrasound result and Thyroid panel, my doctor increased my dosage of methimazole from 10mg to 20mg. Recently, i dont understand my health condition, my throat aches and i dont know why..? What went wrong? I already do the autoimmune paleo diet.

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I spent four weeks taking 20mcg carbimazole a day to kill off my thyroid production when my Graves was first diagnosed and after my first blood test I was told (by letter from the endo I was waiting to go and see) to double up and take 40mcg a day because nothing much had happened.

I took 40mcg a day for two months without any blood tests until the week before I went for my first endo appointment then discovered that I had become hypo! So be sure to have regular checks.

I don't know for sure (I'm not medically qualified - just have personal experience!) but possibly nothing has gone wrong, I found that it takes a long time to sort out your Thyroid. Took me three months to get to see the endo in the first place and I was really, really hyper - so it's early days for you yet.

Always get and keep hold of a copy of all of your test results with their lab ranges. Don't just accept it when someone says 'your results are good / fine / within range'. You want a copy of them in your hand. You are entitled to have them by law. Push to have your ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and D tested too. You want them all to be high in their ranges to help your Thyroid.

It's taken me the best part of a year to reduce my antibodies by being totally gluten free. So that takes a while too. Good luck.

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Thank you fruitandnuts for sharing with me your experience. Did you also do the Autoimmune Paleo Diet? Beacuse my endo doctor did not limit me to what to eat. And i was confused for others have limit their what to eat and they if possible even eat only organic foods.


No, I just went totally gluten free. I have a couple of friends who are Coeliac so I was used to cooking Gluten Free. I just decided to do it at home.

I also became type 2 diabetic after taking steroids for arthritis and discovered that grains of any sort even Gluten Free oatcakes etc all spiked my blood so I went onto a gluten free version of low carb high fat. I don't have any limits on what I can eat and sometimes I buy organic other times I don't bother.

I did cut out junk food, fizzy drinks, sweets and biscuits etc although I do like a bit of GF chocolate brownie every now and again. Sad to say but junk food is junk food even if it is gluten free junk food.

I joined Coeliac U.K. And got their wonderful handbook listing everything you can buy that is GF. Well worth joining the group for.

I got rid of the T2 in three months by modifying my diet and eliminating the things that spiked my blood sugar, lost a ton of weight on the way, increased my exercise by a huge amount thanks to my Fitbit 😊

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