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My T3 trial...any suggestions?


An update on my T3: I started at the beginning of the month with 50mcg Levo and 20 T3. I was feeling no different, so after asking on here, I upped it 2 weeks later to 50 mcg Levo and 10 mcg T3 and 12 ( midnight) , 8 am and 4 pm. I still feel no different, just as exhausted. I amhaving blood tests on Thirdsay then will have to see my Doctor, but I reckon he'll say to stop as it's not working. Suggestions, as ever, greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. x

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You really need to give the trial 3 months. Post your results and ranges after your test on Thursday and members will advise whether you are taking sufficient T4+T3.


This link may be helpful. I have always taken my dose once daily and have benefited.

The following is from the same doctor above who himself was Thyroid Hormone Resistant and took one daily dose of 150mcg of T3 and his Thyroid Hormone Resistant patients also took one daily dose.

It's early days yet Cal1971, from my own experience it took several weeks. hold out for a few weeks longer, it'll be worth it in the end! x

As per other suggestions I would reschedule the blood test for a few weeks to give the T3 a better chance. You'll know better then whether it is working. Docs don't need an excuse to stop it these days due to the cost of it.

Once you have your bloodtest, get a copy of the results before you see your doctor and post the results here and you can get some hints, tips & info to take with you to the appointment.

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