Ermmm poop!

Sorry for a slightly embarrassing question but.....I've now been on my new higher dose of levo 100mg for about 5 weeks and the last few days I'm going to the toilet a lot! Like 3/4 times a day. It looks like I've been eating enormous amounts of spinach. I have not. Sorry for too much information but when I google this I don't like the answers so figured you lovely have heard this all before. Thanx for any help from a blushing member. πŸ™ƒ

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  • Maraphipps,

    Increased frequency of bowel movements can be a sign of over medication. It may be worth requesting a thyroid function test to check levels.

  • Hi Clutter. I've a Endo appointment at the end of I wait until then? I'm not sure I could get a appointment before that to be it a worry?

  • Maraphipps,

    You could wait a few more days and see whether the increased bowel frequency is due to a tummy bug. If it doesn't resolve after a few more days ask your GP to check thyroid levels.

  • Nowt to be embarrassed about! Could be temporary adjustment or like clutter said. When are you scheduled for a re test? Is there anything else it could be, a bug, parasites? If its still there in a week it would be 6 weeks, time for a re test anyway

  • Hi hw7342, I've a Endo appointment in 4 weeks time already booked. I don't think I could get in to see her before that. Is it a worry or am I ok to wait?

  • Well if it were me i would wait a week and then decide. But you're in France aren't you? Can you pay for your own private tests there?

  • I had 3 days of loose stools when adjusting to T3. But not green. I did however have green stools a few years ago when i had an ibs flare up for a year which i now attribute to hashis.

  • I don't have diarrhoea. Just need to go often. And it's dark green/black..... 😳

  • Hi Zuzka1 - just a thought but have you recently started taking iron supplements ?

  • Yes! About 6 weeks ago 80mg a day....

  • The reason I asked was when I was pregnant with my eldest and taking the usual iron tablet for pregnant mums I also craved liqourice and my iron count was so high the midwives used to joke that I was having a robot !! I also had frequent visits to the loo with very dark poo. Dr told me iron could effect some people this way. Just a thought. Hope you get it sorted. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  • I've just googled iron and poo and I think you've hit the nail on the head 😊😊😊

  • Ah...what did we do before google - giggle giggle. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Would think ( or maybe that's a hope !!! ) that your GP should also know about the iron and poo connection. 🌻🌻🌻

  • I've got a prescription for a million things to be tested and my Endo wanted me to do that a week before I go to see her, so in three weeks time. Should I go this week?

  • I've got a prescription for a million things to be tested and my Endo wanted me to do that a week before I go to see her, so in three weeks time. Should I go this week?

  • Would you need to wait to find out the results at your apt at the end of november? If so then its kind of pointless going early. What are the options? You need to wait a weeks anyway to see if it goes.

  • I get my results the same day on line here. So I could post on here?

  • If it were me in your position i would wait a week then if i still had the loose stools i would get the test done early but make sure none of the other non thyroid bloods on the form need to be done later. Im not sure why they would, but who knows. Or if you were worried about rubbing the endo up the wrong way you could get a message to her via her secretary to say you are testing early? See what someone else says.

  • Ok I shall wait a week and see what stage I am at.

    Thank you x

  • No not really.....

  • Tho I've a really itchy head!?!?

  • Check out - The Bristol Stool Test - and do some comparitive studies 😊

  • Hi Marz, ok so I'm number 6 I think.....πŸ€”

    Should I go and get tested now?

  • Tested for what ? The explanation I looked at sounded as if it fitted in with your increased dose 😊

  • Sorry, as in should I go and get tested in case I'm now on too much levo or do u think this will just settle down?

  • I would wait to see if things settle. How do these stools vary from your normal routine ? Dark ones can indicate liver - maybe bile - so perhaps levo is waking things up and generally cleansing 😊

    I have Crohns so every day is different !

  • I have to say I feel better than I have done for a very long time. I feel far less tired which in turn makes me feel great. Sex drive is still non existent and weight loss is still not happening but general wellbeing is on the up!

    I'm definitely having more trips to the toilet and the colour is not 'normal'.

    I'm going to wait a week then and see what happens.

    Thank you x

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