Does anyone know how to view all your activity, not just one page worth?

I've found the activity page by clicking on "View Your Public Profile" (took me ages to work that one out)! But it only shows a page worth of recent activity. Where's all the rest gone? Trying to check on questions I've responded to and find previous answers but it doesn't go back far enough. Sorry if this has been asked before. Apart from that I quite like the new format :-)


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  • So far as I know, there is not now and never has been a way of finding all responses given.

    On your public profile, you can select your Activity, Questions or Posts (including what were blogs when you wrote them) - but not all responses you have made.

    At the bottom of the page you might see a pair of << and >> buttons which allow you to page through your Questions or Posts (if they won't all fit onto one page) but that is not available for Activity.


  • Think you are right with that answer Rod, I thought I could but when I looked for my colments I found that it wasn't actually all of responses it was just my Questions and Posts.


  • I used to use it all the time, it was useful in catching the people who had not hit the "reply to this" button. I definitely have all my questions and posts, just not the responses I've made. Oh well.

  • I have just posted this as a request via the feedback facility. I think if you click this link you can vote for it.

  • Thx. I think I've voted, got a bit confused by the email address/user name box. It's been a long day!

  • I hope they will come back to that again - they seemed to think it was resolved...! :( x

  • I know. Hoping they read my response, but if not, might have to do a new one <sigh>

  • I got an email response today saying they are planning to make it more than just 10 items. You did used to be able to scroll back indefinitely, because I used it a lot too.

  • I have not read anything on this site recently until I saw this question because I am now totally confusd. I used to get a daily digest not just one or two questions. Has this facility gone or is it hiding? I have been into my account to make sure that everything is still ticked and it is so I don't understand what's happening

  • I am another one who doesn't understand as I am also not having any communication whatsoever from Healthunlocked, neither emails nor alerts. I have emailed them 3 times now.

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