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Hi all hope all is well. I had my Levo upped to 150mg and folic acid 10mg started about 3 weeks ago. Past few days I'v got this heavy feeling in my arms and legs I also feel like someone is sitting on my shoulders!! I have pain from the base of my neck along my shoulders and restless legs but this heavy feeling is different. Not at the doctors till Monday and he will probably just say it's thyroid related! 😩

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    Lots of suggestions and advice in your post of 14 days ago. Many of the points discussed I support and was going to mention them today - B12 - T3 - VitD and so on. So have another read through and happy to help if there is something else :-)

    It seems as if your GP has just doubled your dose of folic acid which could well mask your B12 Deficiency if you have it ....

  • B12 was checked vit d was checked doc upped my Levo and started me on folic acid still waiting for a print out of my bloods aswell

  • Is it the B12 and VitD results you are waiting for or just the thyroid ?

  • All bloods I had done so waiting for a print out of all.

  • Best to put your results in a new thread so more people will see them ☺

  • I get it often. I feel I'm heavy in my limbs and so heavy walking around. definitely thyroid related for me.

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