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Print out of results can someone please help me interpret

serum tsh level 5.37 range 0.30-4.50

serum freeT4 12.2 range10.0-22.0

tsh receptor 0.3 range 0.00-1.00

tpo antibody1051 range 0-59

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks. I have anxiety, fatigue, muscle and joint stiffness, pins and needles at night and generally feel unwell and have been for a long time pretty much since having my daughter 3 years ago. I have had infections, viruses and been diagnosed with IBS.

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ChrissyS1 As mentioned in my reply yesterday, you have Hashimoto's so that advice stands. Your TSH is over range and I think that Dr Toft article I mentioned says that if TSH is over 5 with high antibodies then Levo should be started to nip things in the bud. Email Louise for the article as suggested. You need some ammunition about starting Levo before your TSH reaches 10 (the normal level before starting Levo here in the UK). If your GP won't do anything ask for a referral to an endo.

Your muscle and joint stiffness plus pins and needles indicate possible nutritional deficiencies and the need for supplements. Ask for

Vit D




to be tested. All these need to be optimal and not just in range. If your GP won't do them you can do a home fingerprick blood test with Blue Horizon (part of a thyroid bundle)


Hi ChrissyS1 your TSH is over range and Ft4 is very low. As your antibodies are also very high you have a condition called autoimmune hypothyroidism also called Hashimotos.

Frustratingly, a lot of Dr's refuse to treat thyroid conditions until TSH reaches 10 despite symptoms being so debilitating. Some are a little more compassionate and treat when it's borderline (like mine). Yours seems to be in the more sadistic camp and it might be worth trying to see one of the other Dr's in the practice to see if you can get started on thyroid hormone replacements before your endo appointment comes through. 18 weeks is a long time to wait for an endo to turn round and say no to treating.

Inthe meantime read the posts on here, educate yourself and go armed to any appointments with as much info as possible. I used to write down questions before a visit and write down the answers while I was there as I could never remember anything. I don't bother with Dr's so much now as I treat myself. 😊

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Thanks for all your replies it's nice to know I'm not going mad. The doctor I saw today said he will contact the hospital to speed up the referral so I'm trying to be positive that there will be some resolve some time soon.

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If you respond to answers you have to click on the green reply otherwise they aren't notified. We don't have an 'all' button which would save time.

Some doctors believe they should wait until the TSH reaches 10 before they prescribe and by that time the patient is very unwell. If our TSH isn't high enough to be diagnosed we are given other 'diagnosis' instead which doesn't improve our health.

Stomach problems are common with hypo and taking, particularly with protein in meals, either a good Apple Cider vinegar mixed with juice or water before/during meals is helpful as is Betaine/pepsin tablets taken with a meal. If hypo we normally have a condition called Hypochloridia but as symptoms are so similar with high acid GP is apt to prescribe antacids instead of the acid we need for a healthy stomach.

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Just for info this is about fertility/pregnancy

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