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Give up Dairy too for Hashimoto's!

Hello All,

I have read many articles on giving up gluten and dairy for Hashimoto's. I've been gluten free for about a year but I've never quite believed that taking dairy out would help.

I gave up about a week ago and after about 24 hours my cough and breathing problems were gone. It's like a switch was flicked.

Just wanted to share with you to see if it will help others with Hashi's cough and breathlessness.

Thanks for reading. 😃

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Dairy-free diet helped my hay fever, but only temporarily.


That's great that you've noticed such a quick result and benefit! :)

I've just given up dairy (as a trial 3 week elimination) to see what difference it might make (I'm already gluten-free). I've also given up soy and corn as part of the elimination diet. After 5 days I notice less wind/bloating so possibly that was connected to dairy, will only really know when I do a reintroduction in a few weeks' time.

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