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New blog about Hashimoto's and eating gluten & dairy free....follow me!

Hello everyone,

You have been an enormous help to me over the past 4 years, whether it's answering inane questions or so that I can read up on issues I've been having. You are a life-saver of a community honestly!

I've decided to make a big lifestyle change and I'm going to go exclusively gluten & dairy free having dabbled with both over the years, it's time to do something 'proper'! I wanted to share it with you.

So I decided I would start a blog to share my experiences, trials and tribulations of learning to eat & cook gdfree. I am a Hashimoto's sufferer and I have shared a page of information on my blog about the condition and listed various websites that I find helpful, thyroid uk and health unlocked and both on there.

If you are at all interested in watching my progress (successes and failures all honestly documented!) please find my blog at:

There is a follow button where you can subscribe to receive my blog posts by email if you would like. I am posting lots of delicious recipes, reviews of books and products, experiments with ingredients and general health tips relating to my thyroid disease.

I've literally only just started it so it's a bit of work in progress but I hope some of you might find it interesting and I would love your support! Thanks in advance for reading!

Love Abi x

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Just read your fledgling blog! Love the spiralizer recipes (I have one too!) Looking forward to more recipes. Good luck!


Thankyou for reading! It's very exciting but quite nerve racking all at the same time! Love my spiralizer, I seem to use it every recipe at the moment, best new kitchen gadget ever.


My new toy is a mincer (manual, exercise while you cook!). I love chicken burgers, but can you find minced chicken? No you can't!

Mince the chicken, add salt and pepper and any herbs you might like.

Make into burgers, dip in egg white.

Then dip into a polenta, parmesan and cayenne pepper mix and shallow fry. Yum!

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Huh that's a good idea! I found turkey mince the other day in waitrose but have never looked for chicken. Sounds like a yummy burger though. My new gadget that's so new coz it hasn't even arrived yet, is a fresh pasta rolling machine thingy. Am gonna try my hand at fresh gf pasta.....gulp.


I have made turkey burgers before, mixed with parsley, mustard, garlic and salt and pepper.

Rather you than me (pasta machine), I'll keep an eye out on your blog, good luck!


Sounds delicious!


Can I ask a really dumb question? I have to make a gluten free wedding cake for someone.

These are the ingredients:



glacé cherries

chopped pecans (or walnuts)



dark brown sugar

lemon zest

large eggs

black treacle

almond essence

plain flour

ground almonds

ground cloves

ground cinnamon

ground ginger

Apart from the flour (even I'm not THAT dumb) does anything else contain gluten?





Goodness you're brave making a gf wedding cake!! Even I'm not that brave?! You should be fine just to replace the plain flour with a good gf version. I would use Doves Farm. Perhaps add in 1/3 of the overall quantity as almond flour as that will compliment the ground almonds and almond essence that you're using (and I love almond anything!). Also don't forget to add a tsp of Xantham gum to the flour to act as a binder otherwise it might be too crumbly. And I learnt a new trick recently of adding a tsp or two of flaxseeds when baking gf as it's helps to keep the texture moist for longer. Good luck! Post me a pic on my fb page when you've made it! And don't hesitate to ask any more questions if you have any probs. Ax


Aww - thanks so much! :D

Luckily, it's only the top tier that has to be gf - not the whole cake.

We are not decorating it - strangely! They only asked us to make the cakes as they enjoyed their Xmas cake so much!



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I'm on it xxx



If you write info about your blog on your profile page, members will be able to join you later along the away if they miss this post. Don't forget to include the link.

Your blog page is beautifully put together and the food looks delicious.

Good luck on your quest.



Gosh thank you for that lovely comment, it's a work in progress to say the least! I'll do what you suggest thanks xx

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