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Thyroid could this cause itch

on 2.5 naturethyroid .16 months post RAI. On top of feeling really awful I now have developed a truly dreadful all over itch,no redness that i can see and no rash of any kind. It is worse on my head and forehead in fact my head feels its on fire with needles and itch. I am not sleeping well. I have ordered more kefir to try and make sure my gut health is good.

My question is ,is this a Thyroid issue. apart from high does Vit b12,c,selenium. a spray on magnesium i have started Natural Astaxanthin or had,it was really helping with pain stiffness etc but i have stopped it and greatly reduced my Vit b12. My levels of Vit B12 are 333. I have a high crp that has increased test on test to 21,my gp wont investigate this. thanks folks

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Nature Throid is hypoallergenic so I'd be surprised if you've had a reaction to but of course that it might be possible.

To see if it is the Nature Throid try taking an antihistamine one hour before you usually take it. If it is relieved you will have to change your thyroid hormones.

You may have a reaction to the fillers/binders in the other medications you're taking and do you take them well apart from thyroid hormones. Some things could have fillers/binders which are irritating to our skin.

It's bad enough to be hypothyroid never mind to develop other problems on top.

It couldn't be your product which you use to wash clothes?

I hope you get relief soon.

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Have you ever been tested for fibromyalgia? Do you neck and joint pain/stiffness? I only ask Bc my friend was diagnosed with it after she had the itchy heels issue, poor sleep, neck/joint issues and IBS.. and not saying your doctor sucks, but I always recommend a second opinion and allergy testing. The best doctors are the ones willing to help you feel better.

I found out I was allergic to the fillers in the generic levothroxine, I would get itchy all over my neck and chest plus uncontrollable heart burn, so I have to get either the brand name synthyroid or tirosint.. plus the bigger issue could be food allergies too(I have a ton & once I eliminated them from my diet I haven't had more than half the issues of before)

Hope I could help.. I wish you relief


Rhank you for the reply, I was told 8 years ago I had fibromyalgia but this really bad all over itch has just been more recently. I had a few months bach much worse. Today I was not able to get up till 11 am .I feel so tired anyway but i think the itching is worse at night.I a owerful fan facing my head over night to try and get some relief.


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