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Return of anxiety & depression

I spent 2 miserable years in a depression with permanent anxiety,after 16 years on thyroxine.This was followed by 2 years of overwhelming fatigue,after I came out of the depression with the help of a low dose of S Adenosyl methionine(SAMe)

I was then prescribed T3 & have had over a year with big improvement in mood & energy,having previously weaned myself off SAMe,taking 55mcgs daily of T3 only.

I then decided to try adding NDT,but stopped after 5 weeks,due to the return of ectopic beats,tachycardia episodes & the dreaded ANXIETY.

After a gap of a few weeks,I tried adding just one grain of NDT,rather than upping the dose & reducing the T3.

It is now 3 weeks since I stopped the NDT.

Ectopic beats have stopped,tachycardia episodes have stopped,but I am still feeling very anxious & my mood has slumped.

I'm starting to feel a bit desperate,finding myself back in this altered state,after such a good remission.I recognise the symptoms of high morning cortisol-I had a 24 hour test last time.Have I ruined things,trying NDT twice for 5 weeks?Family & friends are telling me to go to the GP for SSRIs.

Please can anyone help or give me some hope?The first time,the GP put me on an SSRI for depression with anxiety.I had a very bad reaction.SAMe isn't helping this time.

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Do you know what your b12 level is?


I am taking 2,000 a day in the methyl form & have been for quite a while.Can I ask for a B12 test?I am having my bloods done in 3 weeks,when I judge all the NDT will be out of my body & am maintained on 55mcgs T3.I plan to do a 24 hour cortisol saliva test,too.


There might not be a lot of point in having a B12 test, since you have been supplementing. Did you get one done before you started to supplement? (ps, I didn't, wish I had). There's a high overlap between Hashis and autoimmune gastritis which has various names and can lead to pernicious anaemia, but can have psychiatric effects before any PA develops. Unfortunately the nhs is about as good on this as it is on hashis. You could read up on it though, and you could try ordering private tests for things like serum gastrin etc.


That is interesting,I will look into this.One thing I have noticed is sensations in the area of what I am told is the spleen,which accompany feelings of anxiety these days,whereas in the past it would always be"butterflies in my stomach"


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