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Hi guys just wondered if anyone knows of any links on how to read test results on Antibodies ,just trying to learn as much as i can ,and have such little knowledge on this ,plus got GP appointment in 2 weeks and want to know if iv got Hashis never been told i have ,but as we all know that dosnt mean anything , been on Levo for 10 years and never questioned anything ,until the last 3 months when started to feel rubbish ,going to ask for all my old Blood Tests results , cheers lovely people x

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  • No links, but it's not that difficult - if I've understood your question correctly. If your antibodies are over-range, you have Hashi's. Your doctor may try to prevaricate and fob you off, but if you have over-range antibodies, you have Hashi's. End of.

    However, if your antibodies are low, under-range, that doesn't automatically mean you haven't got it, because antibodies fluctuate. You can never completely rule it out. Some people with Hashi's never even have high antibodies, and are diagnosed by a scan of the thyroid. So, if your doctor is adamant that your haven't got it, tell him you can't prove a negative! lol

    Oh, and s/he might prefer to call it 'autoimmune thyroiditis', for some unknown reason... :)

  • HAHAHA!! Thank you GG you never fail me :)) your my own private PA lol hope your good my friend ,and once again very informative bless you !

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Ment to say GG, my daughter has Lupus so that could be from my side of family and could all make sense if i have got it

  • Yes, autoimmune diseases run in families.

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