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Hypothyroidism and raised prolactin

18months ago I had my left side of my thyroid removed due to a goiter growing in there. When it was removed the surgeon said there was clear signs of thyroiditis in that left side. After 7months of struggling after the op the gp put me on 50mg of levothyroxine even though my levels were within normal range but just at the lower end. I started to feel better for a long time however in the last two months I have felt awful, I went back to the doctors and they have now found my prolactin level is raised but my levels are in normal range however my thyroid abtibodies are through the roof. Anybody else had this same issue?

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My antibodies were high and I also have high prolactin, had a MRI scan Friday to check wasn't anything wrong with my Pituitary, my symptoms are headache front of head top of eye socket, loss of libido, huge weight gain.


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