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All was good on NDT, now pulse right up & headaches!?


I wonder if someone can help? I've been on NDT for 8 weeks, I started on 1 grain and gradually went up to two as suggested by my Dr. as my levels were so low, I have to say I felt amazing until 2 days ago...since then really bad headaches (at the front around the eyes) my pulse is right up, now 100 was 60 and my blood pressure has also risen dramatically was 120/78 now 140/90. Why would this happen after feeling so good for 8 weeks? how long does it take the body to adjust to the increase in medication? Am I over medicated? I don't feel hot and no heart palpitations. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance. X

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Sounds like you may be over medicated on 2 grains. What were your results and ranges on 1 grain?

I would skip taking NDT for a couple of days and then resume at 1.5 grains and see whether you feel any better.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Hi Clutter

Thanks for responding.

My results on one grain were:

Urine t3 - 1,140 Range 610-3,380 pmol/24h

Urine t4 - 1,990 Range 1,030-8240 pmol/24h

t3:t4 ration 0.57 Range 0.50 -2.00

My blood pressure and pulse have been stable and I've been feeling great for 8 weeks, do the levels build up? Could this be 'pooling'?



Levels do build up after dose is increased which is why levels should be tested 6-8 weeks later.

I can't interpret urine results. SeasideSusie may be able to help.

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Talking from my own experience, I do think you're overmedicated.. I started on 1 grain and then had to go back to 1/4 for 2 weeks and them raising by 1/4 every 2-3 weeks due to massive weigh loss, palpitations etc. Can take up to 12 weeks to adjust to a mediation so I read. . I'd raise by 1/4 every 2-3 weeks.

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