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Starting NDT

Hi, I have finally started on Armour NDT with 1 grain, adding 1/2 grain every 2 weeks. I am now up to 2 grains. After 5 days on it I immediately felt better - mentally clearer and more energy and wanting to do things.

Previously I was on 150 thyroxine before Endo reduced thyroxine to 100 and added t3 - on this my fluid retention and weight improved but not mental state and energy levels.

So I am hoping when I get to my optimum level the joint aching and fluid retention will start to improve. I have read that when at 2-3 grains you should slow down the increases so can you tell me when I start 2.5 grains how long should I leave it before rising to 3 grains - or carry on to 3 grains and then hold for longer?

Also is there somewhere to write to about needing the NDT and not being able to get it on the national health? The more of us that state the benefits will surely help others in the future. As if I have to increase my dose it will be costing me over £200+ per quarter - which is a small price to pay for feeling better but circumstances can change.

Finally if I am paying for my medication and the dr is not prescribing me thyroxine can I still get the free prescriptions which we are entitled to with under active thyroid?

As always many thanks for all your help on this site, I would not be where I am today without you.

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It takes 6 weeks for the t4 in NDT to convert to t3 so slow down the increase. I went by STTM and ended up way over medicated 😕 not a nice experience and I am sure caused in part high rt3. Imho stick on 2 for six weeks and get tested or at most 2 1/2.

I will pm you a cheaper source of NDT though may not be what you use.

I believe there is a form your GP has to sign before you can get free prescriptions.

Good luck on your journey

Linda x.

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Many thanks Linda, yes that is what they say slow down at the 2-3 grain mark, But was not sure how long for.

I wear a Fitbit so am keeping a good eye on my heart rate and will stop for 6 weeks on 2.5.


Fitbit eh... handy, I should get one it would make things easier. Don't forget to monitor temps and blood pressure though it sounds like you probably already know that ☺



You still get free prescriptions for any other conditions you have and because hypothyroidism is classed as 'serious' any other prescriptions for any other conditions are free.

As you are nearing an optimum of hormones, I'd increase by 1/4 until you have reached optimum. I shall give you a link by a Researcher/scientist/doctor who has now died. His websites were Drlowe.com, Thyroidscience, and Fibromyalgia Research. All are now archived and difficult to view:-


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Many thanks, I saw my Endo today and my tsh is now 10.2 which is understandable as I have come off 150 thyroxine and 50 t3 and now slowly building up again so we agreed to stay on 2 grains for 6 weeks And then check my bloods again.

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Taking your temperature/pulse before you get out of bed each morning (also a couple of times during the day)as a guide and if either pulse/temp goes too high you drop back to previous dose

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