Does anyone else suffer from horrible hives? This is kind of a new symptom, but also not. I've always had breakouts of hives, but only once a month or so over the spring/summer which went away quickly and were controlled well with antihistamines. They would usually pop up in a couple of places on my body. I always associated them with some kind of allergy.

Over the past two weeks, however, I've had horrible breakouts every day, all over my body that don't go away, and aren't controlled very well with medication.

Anyone else?

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  • I get hives from food allergies. My 2 worst food allergens are wheat and eggs. But new allergies can come about at anytime. Many people with auto immune disease have leaky gut. If that's the case for allergy could very well be it. Are you gluten free?

  • Yes I have idiopathic urticaria (hives). It can be a symptom of autoimmune thyroid disease. In fact, that is why I had my thyroid imaged to begin with, but turns out I had thyroid nodule/cancer, not just Hashimoto's. :(

  • I've had them. Few times for a few days really badly, immune response overload. I think mine are tied to premenstrual eating of different things, more sugar etc

    If you are quite techie then download an app called my symptoms (red logo) and change the symptoms to mKe one hives. Enlist a teenager if stuck, you might be able to track what sets you off. Mine is yeast and sugar.

    Good luck

  • I get hives on a regular basis. I have autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. I flare up every month.

  • nonameslob

    Hi. I get whoppers on my face in spring and summer and I've had all the tests but nothing showed up. I'm convinced it relates to the sun although I had that test too. They are solid and about an inch across. I was told to go back when it happened again but because it was over 6months I was told to make an appointment which could take months so basically no one is checking it.

  • I suffer with multiple skin conditions and extensive food allergies. You will probably notice if they weep the plasma drips for days and days. Wasp and bee stings will take a long time to heal too and will make you feel quite ill.

  • Hi, I suffer from cold urticaria (hives) which I have on and off all year, any exposed skin even in summer if there is a breeze causes hives. It's a very debilitating condition and prevents me from doing many activities and I'm dreading winter. Have tried antihistamine but does not always work.

  • Ask your doctor about Hydroxyzine. Many things can trigger them but keeping ahead of the game and medicine under control is the only thing that keeps me from breaking out all the time from all kinds of radical environmental reasons. I've had Urticaria since 1995. I've just had to come to terms of keeping my meds under control as it helps a lot. God bless and take care!!

  • I have delayed pressure urticaria (hives) and angieodema all over my body. I have had subclinical hypo for years but only found out i had hashi when i saw an immunologist about the hives. Mine are currently controlled with a 4 times updose of fexofenadine and a normal dose of montelukast. I also found i had a vit D deficiency and i self medicate for that. Gp has just started me on levo. I did have my flu jab friday and had a couple of hives pop up dispite all the tablets that was a bit weird but has gone again now. I also had a gallbladder removal in 2010 (i was 28) due to stone which the immunologist suspects is linked. Get your gp to refer u to an immunologist they can give you much stronger antihistamines. I am far from mended but at least i am coping which is millioms times better than i was. Hope u find a resolution 😀

  • I used to get terrible hives when I was a child and it was decided I was allergic to Orange Juice so I think it is a kind of allegic condition. Have you been eating or drinking anything out of the ordinary this last 2 weeks or been using any new creams or taking new medications? Hope you soon find out the cause.

  • I've had three episodes but responded to antihistamines and steroid cream. Last time was Christmas Day of all days. I didn't know what had caused it and hadn't thought of it being thyroid related.

  • Have you thought that maybe your hives are stress related? I know that I break out whenever I get stressed out about things.

  • No, they just came out of the blue.

  • Yes, I've had them for about four years now. I have times when they aren't too bad, but nothing seems to work. The best think I've found to help with the itching is Aqueous cream with 1% menthol. And anything with aspirin in it makes them horrendous. They are worse on my back and bottom where it gets hit when you sit.

  • I used to get them far more when I was eating wheat and my skin was generally prone to all kinds of flare-ups. Taking home-made kefir (way more effective at sorting out gut bacteria than yogurt) has helped a lot this summer and I've had no allergy problems. My adrenals are a bit shot with stress, but my skin is fine, which is a first!

  • Please note though that as kefir contains a kind of yeast it may exacerbate the problem if you're allergic to yeasts.

    I've read a post online about how digestive enzymes may help people in your situation. I've used them successfully when I've been very run down with colds etc. It would make logical sense as it would give your lower gut less work to do.

  • Hives can be a symptom of an infection of Blastocystis Homonis. Check out Isabella Wentz the Hashimotos Hacker. There is a scientific paper indicating there is link.

  • I also have hives and they break out for no reason whatsoever. I am now beginning to associate them with my thyroid medicine NP Thyroid (which is generic Armour Thyroid). I got a prescription for 2.5% hydrocortisone which works better than over the counter hydrocortisone.

  • I had hives for a year controlled by prednisone. Finally isolated the cause as a switch from synthroid (white pill) to generic (brown pill) dye. Switched back to white pills and hives subsided and was able to go off prednisone. Synthroid never addressed my hypothyroid symptoms. Hashimoto's finally diagnosed after changing doctors after 30 years and put on Natural Dessicated Thyroid. Lost 30 lbs. 145 to 115. Felt much better (CFS, FM anxiety) much diminished.

  • I have gotten hives my whole life. I have Hashimoto's and Lupus. About 5 years ago I began getting hives on my face especially on my jawbone line. I did find that it is a symptom of Hashimoto's. I can't seem to find a pattern between anything I eat. I do often get them when my anxiety is bad but they sometimes pop up for no reason. It's so frustrating because I try not to itch them but they always scab over. Maybe I itch them in my sleep.

  • My problem is also that I can't seem to find a trigger. Every time I think I've found one, they pop up without the suspected trigger in play. Mine don't always scab up, but they do always turn into a purple and red spotted bruise/hematoma.

    Stress doesn't seem to be a factor for my hives, but I have always broken out on my chest into a red, splotchy rash any time I get too hot, expose myself to sunlight, or I get nervous or emotional (including anxiety, anger, sadness, etc). That's happened since I was a teenager. I used to compete in acting competitions, and I would be just a little bit nervous, but I'd think that I was concealing it very well until a judge would pull me out of the room and ask if I was okay, because they would see the telltale rash all over my chest. Lol.

  • Could be a problem with gluten.

  • I understand your problem because I have had hives since 1995. I live on Hydroxyzine 50 mg. 3×daily. It's awful to deal with full body break outs if it's not controlled. I see on this site advertising of Hypothyroidism and I was diagnosed with this 6 months ago. I'm anxious to read more about what I don't understand yet. God bless you and just keep the breakouts under control and you don't have to scratch yourself to death!! LOL.... Take care!!😀

  • I suffered from very bad hives, daily also . Started about 15 years ago out of the blue. Some days all my body was covered apart from my neck and face. Numerous tests were done then. Eventually gave up and got some homeopathic medicine which helped. The hives and face swelling has decreased over the last 6 or seven years but I still get them . Cannot tolerate too much heat and am better when I am relaxed. I do get some hard lumps on my face not sure if these are hives. Cannot do without antihistamine. Take it as soon as I feel my skin itchy and lumps coming up. Decided 3 years ago to go back to a doctor as I was approaching 50. Did general bloods and found out then I was underactive. Wondered why I was so tired and putting on weight. I still put the hives down to my hormones. Grown to live with the hives, had some around my tummy, legs and arms a couple of days ago.

  • I suffer badly from hives activated by the sun! I used to occasionally get an outbreak if I was on holiday somewhere hot and sunny but now I get it every single year during summer and sunny holidays abroad without fail, on a trip to NZ from the UK two winters ago I looked horrendous. I can avoid it to an extent if I make sure I have sun protection on at all times during sunny weather, I have factor 50 for my hands & feet as that's where I get it worst.

    I take antihistamine every day and have HC 1% and some super strength dermatitis cream that my GP prescribed for if the itching gets really bad.

    I do "harden" to it, it's always worst in the first bit of sunny weather, the above mentioned visit to NZ was our winter, their VERY GOOD summer.

    My GP also gave me some other anti histamines to use as a top up if the daily one seems to be wearing off.

    One summer I was having short lived hives too, if I scratched somewhere a water blister would come up for about half an hour then disappear, I don't get that now but it seemed to be a precursor to this on-going "sun allergy" I now have.

    I got back from a week in Greece a couple of weeks ago and although I managed the allergy really well (Us Brits are well known for being able to look after our sun protection when abroad, but now when we're at home) I got just a few hives on my left hand on the last day, and they itched and itched for a full week back home, despite not being in the sun!

    Very frustrating, I fear it every summer but I get the same old same old from the GP....... "it's your thyroid".

  • I had hives turned out i had autoimmune thyroiditis. Hives are always a symptom of something going wrong in your body you need to find the cause. Its often thyroid stuff.

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