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1 month on Armour

I have now been taking Armour for 1 month and have started to feel a bit better. I am now on 2.25 grains. Still a little muscle pain, but nothing server like before. I can get up early & out off the bed now as I open my eyes without feeling sluggish. Still got a bit of tiredness in me, but had a test yesturday to see if my cortisone (or something like that) was working properly. Not feeling as moody, I feel better in myself and yes my weight is going down. All in all I feel good. Having hospital blood test in November, so will up date again.

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That is fab.

Holding at 2.25 grains until your next blood test will give time for thyroid hormone to optimise.

After starting initially T3 and then switching to NDT my recovery has been slow but progressive. I have always functioned best on low in range thyroid hormone, and now as my health improves, my need of thyroid hormone replacement has actually decreased a little so be mindful not to raise too fast or too much.

You sound as if you are on the road to recovery. ... yay !


Gosh, it's been a hard struggle, as I have to fund it myself, but if I carry on improving & can get back to how I was, it will be worth it.

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Very good news and it is amazing when you begin to feel improvements and I hope that you'll be running about like a two-year old shortly :)


Lol thank you, just glad to be feeling like a person living, again.


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