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Hi people, as I have not posted for ages, I suffer from hypothyroidism and have since I was 6. I take levothyroxine 100mcg one day and 125mcg the next. I had been feeling very unwell and lethargic since February, and back and forward to doctors for blood tests, I also had 3 urine infections in last 5 months. Eventually a doctor said I should go and see a specialist as my white blood count had been very low since February, we were then in June. I have a family history of Leukaemia, my brother died of it in the 60s, my Dad died of it 12yrs ago and his brother, my uncle is suffering from it now, So the Doctor said it might be possible, so he sent me to see the heamotologist at the hospital. I have been Waiting and Fretting whilst they did every blood test under the sun, to find out what was wrong with me. I have carried on working as a support worker for people with learning disabilities, but have been going out of my mind with worry. I got my Results Yesterday, it is Immune Neutropenia, so they say, and the doctor thinks its a secondary immune disorder brought on by my underactive thyroid, and age. The Doctor reckons all I need is a 3month blood check of my white cells, nothing more. I am generally well apart from tiredness and bruising very easily, and I do suffer from sinus headaches a lot, but nothing I cant put up with really. I would just like to know if anyone else with thyroid issues has this immune problem too. ???

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  • Neutropenia and neutropaenia get mentioned on here fairly often. I don't know anything about the condition, sorry. You can see the search results for both search terms here :

  • I'm sorry, I know only a bit about the condition as a consequence of chemotherapy as my mother was treated for breast cancer last year.

    Have you read up a bit? I understand they sometimes do injections to stimulate wbc production but there are side effects and I'm not sure if this would help if the cause is AI.

    I wonder if the protocol of reducing antibodies might apply the same as w other AI issues.

    In any case I wanted to wish you luck as your worries are coming through loud and clear in your post. Keep us updated on your situation.

  • i would suggest you are also undertreated for your hypothyroid

    or you might be better on NDT

    do you have thyroid blood test results

  • Thanks for replies, I was scared to death after my GP told me it could be early signs of leukaemia having had 3 members of family with it, and when I started looking neutropenia up my fears were just made worse. I now know the connection with the thyroid which to start with had no clue this could be the reason I have developed neutropenia, Its the fact that they are both immune system problems, and I guess as I have had my under active thyroid since I was 6yrs old, I stood a much bigger chance of developing another immune disorder on top. I have been told by heamotologist that they will monitor my white blood count every 3 months, but will not need any treatment, unless it drops further. I am just so relieved its not leukaemia as you can imagine....

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