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Antibodies Greater than 1300iu/ml


I posted a few weeks ago about my TSH/T4 Results as I was advised I was subclinical hypothyroid (TSH 6.2, t4 11.8).

I was given another test plus antibodies which I had at the weekend. Just phoned into the doctors to get the results and they've asked me to come in to see a doctor.

I asked for the readings and was advised:

TSH 6.78 (0.4-5.9)

T4 12.2 (10-19.8)

Thyroid Antibodies >1300iu/ml (I don't have the range of that one as was so shocked but assume 0-150).

So I assume Hashimotos? Could it be anything else?

I also have low ferritin (30?) as picked up in the last tests.

It couldn't be anything more serious could it?

Got to wait til 17th for an appointment to discuss with the doctor. Any suggestions on what to ask the doctor? I imagine they'll give me levo and send me on my way!



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I think I have the antibodies units wrong, sorry. I'm guessing it's iu/L? The Antibodies test I had was Thyroid Antibodies TA (tPP). I will get a print out of the results tomorrow.


I'd love to know what it really is. what ever it is I assume it's far too high.


Certainly Hashimotos. You should be treated on that basis with levo and not to have to wait until TSH is over 10.

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