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Private endo warwickshire

I just want to thank you guys for an info about private endocrinologist, had visit today and I'm so happy! Finally got prescription for NDT, don't have to order from the other side of the world :) also she told me what blood test I need and wrote a letter to my GP about that so I hope I won't have any problems with it. She asked alot of questions, checked my blood test results, told me what supplements I need, also I have to check myself for coeliac. Money well spent! If anyone needs an info about her - pm me :)

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Really pleased for you first of all!

Yes, please Pm me!!..I'm from Manchester, and v.much HOPE I won't have to travel to the other end of the country to get help, but just in case..getting nowhere on NHS--usual story 😢

Does she diagnose more by symptoms than blood tests?

Does she recognise adrenal problems? (that are not Addison's, but are still real, and must be treated first or your body won't be able to utilise the thyroid meds..)

What are her fees, and does she charge less for follow-up appointments?--that's always a help..(I don't have-or want-private insurance, so I'm self paying)

Thanks in advance x


Hi could you please forward details of private endo warwickshire?

I been very unwell for 2 years and do believe part of the problem is adrenal insufficiency.

I have suffered thyroid problems for 26 years. I have never ever been seen by an endo. My skin has been extremely problematic for last two years.

My dermatologist told me my thyroid was supressed and advised I should get levothyroxine lowered from 125 as was overprescribed and causing or adding to my skin problems. It took 2 months to get prescription lowered as GP on holiday for a month and her colleagues would not get involved! Then I had to wait for a GP appointment!

My prescription was changed to 100 then 6 weeks later to 75. I had been taking 125 for around 10 years.

I am never informed about what or why the reasons have been made. I need to learn from this site.

My skin has improved a lot though I am told I will need to continue with dermatology products for life now as part of the skin management!

I am still unwell. I often feel that all life is being sucked out of me. I believe a good endo could answer a lot of my difficulties..

I am very pleased you have been helped.


Wonderful news Ziel. So nice to hear of a positive experience. I had similar a couple of weeks ago from a London Endo and just started NDT yesterday.

With regard to Coeliac Disease, (which I do have, been diagnosed over 40 years) I'm not quite sure what she means by checking yourself for Coeliac. Possibly excluding gluten and see how you feel. But if want to be tested properly for Coeliac you need to be eating gluten for at least 6 weeks prior to any test. GP can request a blood test to check Coeliac antibodies which will give an indication as to whether you may have Coeliac disease, but these are not always reliable.

When I first had the blood test done (though the test was in its early stages then) the result was 'negative' but because of some previous history (long story) GP sent me for an endoscopic biopsy. The consultant who did the endoscopy came to me straight afterwards and said I had a clear case of CD.

When they examine your gut lining for CD they can see whether the 'villi' (little fronds which help absorb nutrients from food) are damaged. If they are damaged or even flattened in worse cases, this is a very clear diagnosis and then you then have to follow a strict gluten free diet for life. Sounds daunting but you do get used to is quite quickly and in many cases, your diet becomes healthier.

If you also have thyroid antibodies, (detectable on a blood test) its probably that you have 'Hashimoto's' and research has shown that a gluten free diet is beneficial for this also. Others will have more experience than myself about Hashimotos.

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Yeah she told me to eat as much gluten as I please which is good for me cos I'm on nearly gluten free diet and I'm looking forward to fresh bread and pasta haha!


I do have hashi too, that's why I'm on gluten free.


Private endo details please I'm west sussex


hi, i know its an old post, but could you please send me the details across :)

thank you x


Hi, I live in Warwickshire & am hoping to find an ends that will prescribe NDT. I wonder if you mind Pming me the name of the Warwickshire endo please.



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