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4 year old tsh level

Hi,my son has his thyroid tested recently and it has come back as normal but the Tsh is 2.4mu/L with a range 0.27-4.20. He is 4years old.

I am wondering whether the levels are different for children? When my level was at 2.4 I didn't feel well at all and I have hashimotos which I thought was hereditary and so am wondering if he also might be suffering?

He has it tested because he gets really frequent infections and due to my history.


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I got my son tested he's 11 his tsh was 1.4 but they never did t3 and t4 so gonna get retest, he still wets the bed often he has delayed adult teeth and doesn't eat much and doesn't have any muscles on him at all


Yes - absolutely there are different ranges for children. (As well as the fact that ranges can vary from lab to lab across the country.) Looks very much as if that is just the standard adult range for the lab. Don't know who is to blame - if the lab know the age of the patient, they should slap the correct range on the results. If they don't know that, well it shows they should!

For an example of this, follow link below. However, DO NOT use those ranges. Ask the lab that did the tests. A lot of labs put laboratory handbooks online - maybe yours does? Makes it easy to check but if not, just ring them.


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