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Hi all i have had my bloods done for tsh plus folate vit b etc and am waiting for the gp to look at them, when on the phone i asked receptionist for my TSH result and she said it was 0.09 i dont know if this isa right reading or not but if it is could this be why my anxiety/panic attacks are worse, my chest is sore from being tense all the time anyway i rang back and have asked gp to ring me to see whats going on.

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Hi there kimbo.

It's still within range but as you know we are all different, if that were my TSH it would be probably still not low enough! For you it could be a bit low.

Trouble is, it is only a tiny bit of the picture, I know you struggle with anxiety and palpitations and so far nothing has seemed to change it. When the GP rings you, try to get any other information you can, because I know with your history there is something else going on. Hopefully there is something in the other results which can be addressed to enable you to overcome this very long-standing problem. I know that a consultation with Dr BDP is not a possibility, which is a great shame. Am I right in saying you have seen Dr P in the past, but didn't follow it through, because of the palpitations and tachycardia? Or maybe I'm getting mixed up?

If the B12 or the Vit D are low, maybe that can be your next line of attack. I really feel for you, still struggling.

Marie XX

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Thanks Marie, gp has just telephoned are all bloods are normal, i said i didnot know what was causing the anxiety and she said well is certainly not your thyroid lol x


Kimbo, We have to read and learn as much as possible when we are not improving on the medication, or getting additional symptoms.

You have to ask your surgery for a print-out or copy of your most recent blood test results and post them on a new question for someone to comment upon them.

Some Doctors, unfortunately, do not always know best.

Myself, for instance did not get better on levothyroxine (T4) and had to eventually change to another product. Many do well and feel better but they have to have enough of levothyroxine.


Thanks Shaws will ring later and will post x


Best thing, as you know, is never to accept 'normal' as a result. It's either the lab technician or the receptionist or a very off-the ball GP who's decided what is 'normal'!


Posted results Marram x


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