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I have posted my blood results already and doc suad i had mild hypothyriod ..well on sunday i ended up in ae for heart palpatations and ae doc told me get off the amitriptyline and that levo may also be causing it. Well another gp from the surgery just called said i should come off levo as my hormones where within normal range. Told him what other gp said and he disagreed ...had to fight to stay on levo and he wants it stopped after 6 week trial. What do i do..i have fought for 5 years plus to get this far

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But you have Hashi's! And your FT4 is very low. The idiots are only looking at the TSH, which is well in range.

You could try telling them you have central hypo, where the problem is with the pituitary or the hypothalamus, not with the gland. People with central hypo have low TSH and low Frees.

Can you not get back to see the doctor that put you on levo?

Palpitations are also a symptom of low thyroid.



Go back to the GP who prescribed Levothyroxine originally. It is likely the Hashimoto's causing palpitations, hard to believe that 25mcg would do so.

Hashimoto's causes 90% of hypothyroidism. There is no treatment for Hashimoto's but 100% gluten-free diet may improve symptoms and reduce antibodies.




I developed tachycardia (fast heart rate) and palpitations on amitriptyline, it is one of the known side effects listed on the patient information leaflet. Once it got triggered for the first time I have never been able to get rid of it completely since.

Your doctor will have to find an alternative to the amitriptyline.

One thing that can also trigger tachycardia and palpitations is iron deficiency. Have you got any test results for your ferritin level?


Thank you all ...just really upset with this rubbish from the gp ...none of them will accept i have hasi and im so close to putting in an official complaint. The gp today got very defensive and told me nothing wrong with my thyroid despite my protests. Tsh normal so no hasi or hypo ...argued other doc was just doing 'trial' at my insistance


Don't forget. Self-medication is always an option.


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