Totally confused

I saw gp end end of march/April and we had a difference of opinion. She believes my long list of hypo symptoms are menopausal and said I would feel 'much better' on hrt. I refused as I have regular periods and have never had a hot flush. She more or less said if I didn't try hrt there was nothing she could do. Anyway to cut a long story shorter the last few weeks I have felt awful, terrible joint pains, heavy fuzzing legs, brain fog, generally low. My husband finally flipped, massive row and said if I didn't sort myself out he was off!! So I rang gp but she was on 2 weeks hols. Spoke to a locum and when I asked for hrt as advised by previous doc she said 'but you are not menopausal'. I explained my symptoms and she said I had to come in to discuss it. I said I have been in umpteen times but never got anywhere. She said she wanted to see me so I have appt for Wednesday. I am confused, how can 2doctors say different things, who js right, wh o should I believe. Is this a glimmer of hope or another humiliating trips to the doctors. Hubby not leaving and is is supportive of me going to gp and taking me out to dinner tonight! What do you experts think?

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You need blood tests done for both

Sorry should of said my last tsh test was 3.76, b12 300, and my lh and fsh both slightly elevated. So gp said I am menopausal as my thyroid and everything else is completely normal. My iron and ferritin was also low.

Your TSH is within the so-called 'normal' range, but is actually high, your B12 is also within the so-called 'normal' range but needs to be in the top quarter of it and 300 looks low to me. There's a good page here about iron: Tell hubby your symptoms are very likely to be explained by low thyroid hormone, low B12 and low iron!

Doctors are only human (or so I've been told...) so it's not surprising if they have differing views. It depends on so many things - their education, their experience, etc.

Go and see this doctor and cross your fingers that she'll be the one to understand. Why not? I'll cross my fingers too. And enjoy your dinner! lol

Hugs, Grey

Thanks, it's an early dinner as he knows I will be nodding off by 9pm! So I go will a little hope maybe?????

Just tell this GP your list of hypo symptoms and maybe she will understand and give you a trial of thyroxine. I think it is awful if you have to wait till a TSH of 10 when you are suffering with clinical symptoms.

Hope the appointment goes well.

Well, after at least 5 sets of blood tests this year and everything being "normal" even after putting in a complaint about my doctors, i am back on Tuesday for blood tests for the menopause too !!

But then again I have had no periods this year, loads of thyroid related symptoms, but unlike yourself have just left my partner as he did not understand I am not well, took too much energy, I did not have and although I do not have a job and have left my family home with the kids I feel soo relaxed and calm...

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