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Hi all, a few months back I was admitted to hospital overnight after suffering what they call a cardiac episode, to cut a long story short it turns out my thyroid wasn't functioning well so they started me on Levo , doctors at a&e were great and said my heart was working harder as my thyroid wasn't doing what it should! Started me on 25mg and told to see GP.

Anyway had repeat bloods and scan on neck as they also found nodules but nothing that concerned the radiographer, when I went back to my GP she told me I was no longer hypothyroid and that infact I have had a virus and that it could take a few months to feel well??

I'm not taking anything now and feel ok but still not back to my old self and I have found that the modules in my neck are getting bigger, has anyone heard of this at all??

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Over a year ago I wasn't feeling well, I went to the docs and they tested my thyroid along with other things. When the first set of results came back they told me my thyroid wasn't functioning well and that it could be an infection or virus, or nodules, in which case it could get better. After my second test they discovered it was actually Hashimoto's and I had no nodules. So after that exam I ignored the virus/infection part of it, but I do remember my doctor telling me when someone is sick with a virus it can throw off their thyroid function. Once they get better the thyroid levels should return to normal.

In terms of you getting better over months, it's probably related to whatever infection or virus you had, and nothing to do with thyroid.

About nodules many people have them, most develop nodules by some age, and the majority of nodules are benign. Just make sure to keep getting them tested with your docs, and they will keep an eye on them if they grow. It's unlikely you'd be able to feel them growing as they are often minuscule, you might be sensing some sort of inflammation or swelling from the virus.


It can be what is now called non-thyroidal illness (NTI), this used to be called euthyroid sick syndrome (ESS). It could also be Hashimoto's thyroiditis which leads to permanent hypothyrodism. Blood test results could help a lot, ideally you should have TSH, fT3, fT4 and thyroid antibodies measured. These can give a good idea as to whether you are developing hypothyroidism or it was just a virus. If you can't get your GP to do these tests you can have them done yourself. ThyroidUK can give details of tests, for those near London I have found bloodtestslondon (part of the Blue Horizon group) very good, you just pay in advance and turn up anytime and have your blood taken.


Did your GP take another blood test for your Thyroid hormones anyway?


I'm due to have repeat bloods done in May, when I had scan on my neck the radiographer said he didn't think I had hashimotos? I'm so confused by it all if I'm honest!


I think we are all confused at the beginning, either because we remain undiagnosed or diagnosed but don't understand that the hormones have to be gradually increased as we might wondering why we feel worse. :)

Hypothyroidism means we have a TSH above the range, which is usually around 5 but the British Thyroid Association have recommended not being diagnosed until it reaches 10 but some doctors will prescribe at top of range along with clinical symptoms.

Hashimotos is an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease diagnosed due to antibodies. It is the antibodies which attack the gland until we are hypothyroid, so treatment is the same. It's confusing at the beginning but with an optimal dose of levothyroxine you should soon feel an improvement.


Thank you for explaining, don't think my GP is clued up on it to be honest! The doc in a&e felt my neck and said had I noticed the swellings before? I can definitely feel lumps now! On scan , radiographer said I had a bleed into a cyst which is common apparently? Again still confused! I have started to take vitamin D and B vitamins as GP said they were a ' little' low! Didn't realise a virus could be so nasty.


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