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i stated in previous posts that my last gp took me off levo after 3 months. as i made a complaint to the practice manager she asked me to attend a meeting with herself and the gp concerned. the gp maintains i was taken off levo as blood test came back normal. i said surely i should have had a small maintainance dose as a month later thyroid slowed down again due to high antibodiies. (at this time i was with a new doctor.) she said had i been kept on them i may have gone overactive.

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Out of the mouths of babes comes a lot of rubbish. The comment from the doctor just informs us that she should be avoided regarding someone who has a failing thyroid gland.

Too low a dose can cause more symptoms so we have to find, gradually, a dose which makes us feel well.

If you were diagnosed as hypothyroid and given medication, the aim of the hormones is to make the patient feel good - not to get the blood into 'normal' range as we are not 'normal'. We have dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

I have looked at a past post and you were diagnosed with Hasimotos, so should be on levo for the antibodies. You will swing between hyper/hypo symptoms but medication shouldn't have been stopped.

If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse online article and I think it's question 4 or 5 re antibodies which will give you the answer. Give copy to Practice Manager.

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Once on thyroxine you have to stay on it for life....


Joyce, Hypothyroidism is a lifelong condition requiring daily replacement. Levothyroxine is supposed to bring your thyroid bloods within normal range. It's not a correction of a temporary deficiency. The point of regular thyroid blood tests is to monitor levels to avoid over and under medication and for dose to be titrated accordingly, not stopped dead.

The GP obviously doesn't understand how hypothyroidism and Levothyroxine works and it's a good job you moved practice.


thanks for the replies everyone. i would dread to think what would have happened had i not found a new doctor.


That is awful

- as a life-long condition even prescriptions are free, another GP missed the Thyroid lecture? Should be reported for mal-practice J x


that was another thing wasnt sure if i could still use the excemption card while i wasnt taking levo so to be on the safe side i rang the place where they were issued and a man there said that is the idea of having the card as a person has to take certain meds for life. he even asked why i got taken off them. however he did say as long as card was still in date i could still use it for other items such as hrt.


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