Can anyone help with cortef or a generic HC supplier ?

Dear all

A well known online pharmacy no longer takes credit card online. I have spoken to them and they told me that one of the Big pharma group have basically bribed Visa and MasterCard not to allow payment to their site (through lobbying).

I would appreciate any sources that are reliable by PM to comply with site rules

Thanks so much 😊

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  • It is possible to buy 1% hydrocortisone cream without a prescription in the UK (in pharmacies only, at the pharmacist's discretion). I know it is a piddly little dose, so may be of no use to you, but thought it was worth mentioning.

  • Thank you , I do have some but it doesn't seem to cut the mustard anywhere near as good as the tabs 😣

  • I am getting HC from Greece, same place I am ordering my T3 from. They are very reliable and nice to deal with. PM'd you link.

  • CAn you please pm me too please?? I live in Canada and it's really hard to find HC here :(

  • Hve sent you a PM.

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