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Taking NDT

Hi there i've now got my NDT thanks to this community. As my GP seems dis-interested i guess i have to go it alone.

I will be taking my last levo tomorrow morning with a starting dose of one grain on Monday.

I'm currently taking 125 mcg levo as i was over medicated on 150 mcg and exhausted on 100.

I believe i have to start raising about 2 weeks in, would you recommend 1/4 grain raise to start with?

Also i was interested in taking the second dose around mid day as come the afternoon i feel quite ill. If i was to do this how far away from my lunch should this be for optimum absorption.

Sorry for the long post but it's all new to me.

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Personally, I'd take 1 grain as you're already taking 125mcg of levo and do so for two weeks (one grain can be between 75 and 100mcg levo (in it's effect on our body).

After two weeks I'd just be cautious and raise by 1/4 tablet each two weeks until your symptoms are relieved. I'd then stay on that dose and, hopefully, that will be your optimum. If your pulse/temp goes too high drop to previous dose. Take your pulse and temp today and tomorrow.

Some people split doses but I haven't ever done that as I prefer one daily dose and I've now forgotten I'm hypo.

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Great thanks for the sound information.


This is the link and go to the date January 30, 2002


I never split my dose, i take it at night last thing..... The reason for not splitting the dose is that the hormones in ndt are thought to be bound, not free, further proof that synthetics are not a replacement for ndt.

You seem to have an idea of how you will raise, that looks ok.... Why not start doing a temperature chart at the same time, so you can tell if adrenals or thyroid are being affected? Here is a post i did ages ago, which gives links......


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Thanks i will check out the link.


You need to be careful that you don't end up taking more than you are used to so yes, as one of the others suggest, use a cautious approach. You should know the amount of T3 and T4 in the NDT you have acquired, you then have to multiply the T3 by 4 to get the total t4 equivalent. So 5 of T3 plus 20 of t4 is the same as 40 of t4. I'll be interested to hear how you are feeling in a few months time. Can I ask where you got the NDT as I am toying with trying it myself? Good luck.


I split my dose because 1 1/4 grains makes me feel a bit strange for about 5 minutes after taking it already let alone taking all 2 1/2 in one go! But that's me and I think I'm in the minority. Ideally I think my body would like me to do 3 doses a day but who has time for that...

Everytime it gets to review time I think it's important to really think about how you feel before adding another 1/4 or 1/2. You're in charge so there's no need to do it exactly every other week or do it by 1/2 or 1/4 every time. If you get to 1 1/2 and stay there for a few weeks then think you need an extra 1/2, go for it. It's your body, you know it best.

Also ditto on the temp and heart beat recording- these are really useful to make sure you haven't gone overboard and a cheap and readily available quantitative record of how you're progressing.

Good luck! It was an amazing change for me and I've only taken it since the beginning of June but BEST THING EVER.

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Start on a lower dose and increase over a few weeks. It will make all the difference. You need an empty stomach for most versions of NDT.


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