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24hr Cortisol Salvia Test Results !!! Any comments on how I should proceed. clearly problems

Hi Everyone,

Just got my 24hr Saliva Cortisol Test results in, appreciate any comments, feedback of what I should start taking to help. Clearly AFS early stages..

Sample 1 Post Awakening 56.05 (7.45-32.56 range nmol/L)

Sample 2 + 4-5 Hours 9.45 (2.76-11.31 range nmol/L)

Sample 3 + 4-5 Hours 7.45 (1.38-7.45 range nmol/L)

Sample 4 (Prior to sleep) 4.89 (0.83-3.86 range nmol/L)

DHEA Levels

DHEA Mean 0.44

DHEA: Cortisol Ratio 0.013 (range 0.015-0.150)

No wonder have trouble getting to sleep, but only Zoplicone seems to work which I don't like taking and want to get off asap

My recent Thyroid test results are in another post

Thanks all


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I'm supposed to be packing for my holiday, so this is a quickie. My results were like yours, maybe slightly higher. You'll need to google the terms, I'm afraid

The things that worked were

Rhodiola in the morning, Ashwaghanda in the evening

Light box or Valkee on waking

Go to bed in the evening when you feel sleepy, even if that is 7.30! If you plough through the first sleepy phase it will be 4-6 hours before you feel sleepy again, and by then your cortisol will be higher anyway. No excuses about how you have stuff to do - you'll be up early, do it then

Meditation. During the day, and also use relaxation/sleep meditations at night.

Forgive yourself for being awake. Pass the time with something not too stimulating (I play a lot of solitaire and sudoku in the night!)

Read 'The Adrenal Reset Diet', the explanations are excellent. Even if you don't do the diet in detail, carb cycling is helpful. For breakfast you need lots of protein and only a tiny bit of carbs.


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