Trouble Having Blood Taken. A Hypo Thing?

Does anyone know if there is a link between hypothyroidism/thyroid problems and trouble with blood being taken?

I have trouble every single time, and have done for as long as I remember. Having blood taken can take up to 10 attempts to get any.

I know they shouldn't persist past 3, but it never comes out within 3. So I let them carry on so I can at least have it tested.

What I was wondering is if there is a link between my thyroid problems, poor circulation, adrenal problems etc. and this problem?

If not, do you know what DOES cause it?

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  • Hi Sofluffly,

    The only time I had difficulty giving blood was when I was dehydrated. I make sure that I drink plenty of water before going for a blood test. Good luck

  • Yeah I've heard all these tricks about drinking lots, being warm, walking for 10 minutes beforehand and none of them make a difference for me. I drink a lot of water, at least 2 litres a day, including about 500ml before I get to the docs. I walk to the doctors which is a good 20 minutes or so, and I'm always hot and flustered when I arrive! So I have no idea.

  • I'm sorry Sofluffy. It does sound frustrating...

  • It really is :( When I was in hospital for 3 weeks, really ill with pneumonia and on many drips and having blood taken up to 3 times a day, it was a huge thing because it never got any easier. They resorted to the back of my hand and it was so painful I would cry and scream out. I don't want to resort to that again!

  • I have trouble, not helped by my needle phobia! But its always been the way, long before my thyroid gave up.

    Drink plenty of water beforehand, and keep very warm.

    Gin is for after!

  • Being warm and the water doesn't help me unfortunately!

    Mine was before my thyroid gave up, too.

  • Hi I have exactly the same problem and I always have. Sometimes they have to give up trying and I dread it each time as it usually means poking around for ages and then trying the other side with no guarantee that there will be a successful result.

    However, they had a really good gadget the last time I went to get a blood sample - it has infrared light which, when shone on your veins, lights them up so they can at least see what they are aiming for. It was quite amazing really as you could see the whole veinous system (if thats the right phrase)!

  • Ooh I'll have to ask about the infrared thing!

  • I have the same problem unfortunately. Veins in my arm are non existent so they resort to taking it out of my hand but even that has become difficult in the last few tests. I cant complain though as my 12 year old has to go to the hospital each time to have it taken out of his foot.

    Bluemaxx that infra red gadget sounds great.

  • Same here. The nurses in the blood room dread seeing me walk in. It seems my veins are 'tough'. She was trying to push the needle in the other day and the vein was resisting so much that the needle was pushing it away. I usually end up having it taken from my hands as my veins are prominent there. I get so fed up though of having to tolerate having at least two holes made in my elbow crease before the nurse concedes and takes it out of my hand like I suggested in the first place!

    My first experience of this was when I was 10 years old and had my appendix out, so I've had this for years too.

  • Have they tried using a butterfly needle?

  • Yes, it still takes many attempts or doesn't work :(

  • Ah. OK. That usually works for me.

  • I am needle phobic and blood tests really hurt me also because they have trouble with my veins. What ive started to do now is putting numbing cream on my arm a few hours prior to getting this done, and if it's on long enought you can't feel it. I still find giving blood traumatic because it makes me feel so quesy and sick 😖, but that helps massively with the pain.

  • Also make sure your warm too, I'm is usually really cold but even so they always do manage to withdraw blood even tho they say I don't have the best vains.

  • Makes no difference sadly. I do the drinking lots beforehand (I always drink lots of water everyday anyway), have a brisk walk so your warm and get the blood pumping and try a butterfly needle. None makes any difference.

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