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Hi just been for a medical review with a gp and a look at my swollen/lump in neck. Do not regularly see this gp. Took blood pressure 3 times first 125/35 second were both significantly higher. Basically now sending me for chest x Ray and ecg. Also blood test to check lymph nodes. When I mentioned being really tired all the time and blood pressure maybe linked with thyroid he said "no as your thyroid is normal " 😞 asked if I was still seeing endo Dr. Which I am not as he told me to go away and lose weight 😤. I am on 150mg thyroxine plus other meds for anxiety, blood pressure. Can anyone relate to any of this? Sorry it's vague as I could type forever about all this but my brain fog gets in the way 😕

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Hi and welcome :-) Do you have any recent blood test results with ranges - that have been done for your thyroid ?? Could it be that you are not converting the T4 tablet into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3. So you really need that tested to see where you are - along with thyroid anti-bodies TPO and Tg. Any chance of having private tests done through Thyroid UK ?

Low blood pressure can be connected to a low thyroid output. How are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - Iron - B12 - VitD ??? All these need to be near the top of their various ranges for you to feel well and for all that T4 to be utilised in the body efficiently. Sorry I do not know a great deal about blood pressure tablets - aren't they normally to bring the pressure down ? Yours already seems low to me ?

Anxiety can be linked to low thyroid output - or poor conversion - also LOW B12 and VitD. Some anxiety meds can skew thyroid test results I believe.

Never accept normal from a Doc - and always obtain copies of your results so you can monitor your own progress....also when you post them here people can help more.

Do you have any gut issues ?


Hi my blood pressure is normally high the first reading was the lowest it has been in a while. The other two times it was a lot higher. I didn't actually see my blood results the Dr clicked off the screen before I had a chance to look. I will ring up and try to get someone to tell me them over the phone. I am on folic acid and iron tablets aswell as those levels were picked up as low. Just really fed up of feeling off kilter most of the time. Thanks so much for your interest and reply. I will look into what you have suggested. 😀


Just noticed the gut issues at the bottom. And yes I suffer with heartburn. Also have a few occasions when I have had to make an emergency dash to the loo and had very loose poo then constipation. Thanks again 😀

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...all very hypo sounding to me. So best to obtain copies of all your results and post them in a new post for people to comment.

Private testing ?? Did you look at the link I posted ?

It may help you to eliminate gluten and see how your can help gut issues as can the correct thyroid treatment :-)


Yea I clicked on and saw the prices! I know it's beneficial Don't know if I can justify that amount of money for myself at the moment. Will look into it more tho and will get back with my results.

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