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Break in taking NDT

Hi guys,

About 3 weeks ago I've run out of NDT (I take 1,5 grain), in the meantime it was out of stock but I've finally ordered it and it came few days ago, so I'm back on it now (4 days now). When I didn't have NDT I was taking levothyroxine and in this time I had blood test done advised by my gynaecologist, it was only 2 or 3 days after I started levo. Today I got a letter saying that my TSH was 17,4! (Of course no other tests were done). Last blood test I had back in May (2 weeks after I started NDT) and TSH was 0,38. I feel very good, full of energy, no signs of hypo. Now I'm confused - is TSH so high because NDT dose was too low or is it because I changed back to levo? Can TSH go up so high in few days? I will wait few more days and gona do new blood test with my GP to see what's going on now when I'm back on pig.


I've checked the dates now and I was still on pig when they did the blood test. Now I'm even more confused: the dose is too low?? But I feel really good, not a one symptome of hypo. What to do?

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It could be because there's quite a bit of time say 3-4 weeks for T4 to get into the system properly. So you've probably been tested just at the point where your body lacked it. Also NDT also contains t3 which is 4-5 times that in T4 if that makes any sense?


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