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Radioactive Iodine experiences


Please could you share your experiences of Radioactive Iodine with me?

My mother has a toxic multinodular goitre (with autonomous thyroid nodule) which has been causing paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

I cannot see any alternative to the proposed treatment; she has been on 5mg of carbimazole on alternate days, but this caused liver cholestasis.

The literature I've read suggests it's possible her thyroid may become underactive following the treatment, but that this can be easily overcome with medication?

Your experiences detailing the effects of the proposed treatment would be most welcome. I appreciate that each person's condition and experience will vary, but reading about these experiences will help us to approach the treatment with greater awareness.

Her current blood results after stopping Carbimazole: TSH 0.14, Free T4 12.4

Blood results prior to Carbimazole: Free T3 4.3, TSH 0.7, Free T4 10.6

Thank you so much for any information that you can provide.


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personally i would run a mile from any suggestion of RAI and insist only on surgury (since thyroid eye disease can be result of RAI)

both are likely to render her underactive and if you read these forums you will realise sorting that out is not simple

obviously i do not know whether your mother is fit enough for surgury and her current blood results and previous ones do not suggest overactive fact her free t4 is very low

i would want a referral to an endo on thyroiduk recomended list before i was prepared to accept RAI or surgury


Hello, thank you for taking the time to respond with your helpful comments. I have asked for a copy of the recommended endocrinologists list (we live in Essex).

My mother is 84 and has a history of TIAs. Therefore, surgery has not been offered as an option.

The consultants we have seen (3 at the same hospital) want her to undergo RAI in an attempt to stop her atrial fibrillation (which she experiences once a month), and the increased risk of stroke that this can result in.

As her low dose of Carbimazole (5mg alternate days) appears to have caused irregular liver function tests, I can't see any alternatives to the RAI. Hence my post on this site, in an attempt to discover if there are any other options? I'm currently very concerned as to what we should choose to do?




I agree with reallyfedup123, NJCOL your Mother's results are of underactive not overactive.


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