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Adding T4 back ...advice please

I have posted recently about adding T4 back and reducing my T3. I am doing this a little reluctantly but in the long term it will be cheaper and easier. If it works.

Clutter kindly gave me advice regarding equivalents. My question today is, should I continue with my regular dose of T3 ( 50-62.5mcg) for a week, in addition to adding in T4 at 100mcg? Won't the T4 take a while to take effect? I took just 50mcg of T4 just before sleep last night. On waking took 25mcg T3. I intend to take 100mcg T4 tonight though could take 50mcg and take another 25mcg T3 today, as I usually do.

I slept badly, had unpleasant dreams and feel light-headed this morning. Sigh.

Many thanks for your advice.

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It can take 7-8 days to absorb Levothyroxine so it is a good idea to continue taking T3 for a few days and then taper it down on days 5-7 when the Levothyroxine will be kicking in.


Thank you very much Clutter. Just thinking of taking some T3 when I saw your reply. Thank you for clarifying.


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