T3 has arrived - Help with how to start introducing it

Hi all

My T3 had just arrived and I'm really excited to start adding it to my Levothyroxine.

I'm on 100mcg of Levo and would like to ask how I start to introduce T3?

Do I reduce to 75mcg and half a 25mcg of T3 for a few weeks, then reduce to 50mcg of Levo and take the whole 25mcg of T3?

Thanks for your help :)


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  • Hi Lindsay

    My Endo prescribed me T3 to use along side of the Levo, he told me to drop 25mcg and to take 20mcg T3 in the morning and a further 20mcg in the evening, I stayed on that dose until a few weeks ago when Endo said T3 is not working to gone back to original dose of Levo with a view to over medicating as I feel better that way.

    Hope that helps

  • I'm on the same amount of levothyroxine as you and as I am undermedicated want to add t3 to see it helps. So I am interested in seeing what replies you get. I'm assuming I could just add one 25mcg of T3 to my 100mcg of levothyroxine. :-)

  • I'm curious too as I'm on 100mcg of Levo and have just ordered T3 off the internet tonight :)

  • I think you are all talking of too large a dose to be introduced at first. I was on 125mcg of levo and reduced that by 12.5mcg and added 6.2mcg of T3. Apparently 25mcg of T3 is equivalent to 75mcg of levo so you have to be careful of the change in dose. I have to say after just adding that small amount I slept soundly for a full night for the first time in a long time and have done each night since. That was 6 days ago. It could be coincidence and I've questioned if it can really have that effect in such a short time but my temperature and pulse have gone up too. T3 is quite powerful compared to levo and the uni pharma T3 I believe is quite strong, I've got the Tiromel which is said not to be as strong so I just want to say be careful. Add too much at once and it might put you off. Hormones need to be gradually built up. Good luck with it :)

  • I'm a little worried now! I've not ordered T3 yet, just looking through things but want to order over next couple of days. I am taking 100 mcg levothyroxine, but don't feel as good as when I was on 125mcg, and the stupid doctor reduced it. So, to get the equivalent of 125mcg levo I could try 50 mcg of levo with 25mcg of T3 if I've worked it our correctly. Or even 60 ish of T3 on its own! Thanks Pastille. :-)

  • Oh no don't worry, there are some very experienced people here who will advise you very well. I may be over cautious. It's just that the way I see it is that I've been unwell for a long time so there's no rush. I can just increase it by a small amount until I'm happy with it. A few weeks and hopefully that will be the case :) I am very new to all this and sensitive to everything I take. But I have a really good feeling about it and read of great experiences on here. We are all different, hope it works out for you, I'm sure it will x

  • Thanks Pastille,

    You are right to be cautious. I hope it does the trick for you. :-)

  • Hi I was on 100 levo as well and just introduced T3 as follows: First week dropped the levo to 62 1/2 (1 50 pill & a quarter of 25 pill) plus 1 quarter of a 25 mcg T3 pill. That went o.k. so after a few days I dropped to 50 mcg of levothyroxine plus a half a tablet of Uni-pharma T3 - all taken together about 2 p.m. when I wake up to go to the loo. So far feeling pretty good with a few off days here and there but generally a big improvement and the slumps I used to get after lunch have got better. Remember all the advice I've read on this forum says, GO LOW & SLOW with adding T3. Hope that helps.

  • Thanks bluemaxx,

    Good advice. :-)

  • Lindsayf,

    If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges based on 100mcg Levothyroxine I will advise.

  • Hi Clutter

    TSH 0.02 mU/L

    T3 4nmol/L

    Free T4 19.6mmol/L

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Lindsayf,

    Do you have the ref ranges (figures in brackets after results) for FT4 and FT3?

  • These were done by the hospital and there are no range brackets.. I do have brackets from my Doctors blood tests but that was on 75mcg of Levo.

    Would my Doctors range brackets help? I'm sure my bloods taken from his surgery go to the same hospital.

  • Lindsayf,

    If GP uses the same hospital lab that'll be fine.

  • TSH range (0.35 - 3.50)

    T4 range (8-21)

    Free T3 range (3.8 - 6.0)


  • Lindsay,

    Whatever dose T3 you add is going to reduce your TSH which may cause your GP some angst. I don't think you need to reduce Levothyroxine dose because FT4 isn't top of range. FT3 is low so you could take a quarter tablet (6.25mcg) for a week or two to see how you tolerate it and then increase to 12.5mcg split into 2 x 6.25mcg doses. Stick with 12.5mcg for 6 weeks and have a FT3 test before increasing further.

  • Hi Clutter..

    I have bought a pill cutter so I'll cut it up in half then half that again.. I hope it's a good pill cutter as the tablets are so small.

    I'll take a quarter tablet tomorrow with my Levo first thing in the morning and see how I get on with that for a week or two then increase if I'm feeling okay...

    I will order a blue horizon kit and test in 8 weeks..

    Thanks for your help :)

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