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I've been struggling with my thyroid for over 20 yrs. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos & prescribed Synthroid.

I have recently lost my 14 yr old son in a tragic accident. I've had many issues with my health & every doctor would tell me blood work was fine. I finally found a gynocologist that did the hormone testing correctly & I was prescribed Armour 90 mg daily.

Armour has worked great for the last two years but now I feel a goiter & have hair fall out, sleepy, lifeless & brain cells affected with memory.

My latest labs were recent & this is what they state:

TSH- 0.52

FreeT3- 3.63



I has ice blocks for feet & hands & I feel that my numbers are low.

Any suggestions?

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Twiggy1972 I'm so sorry for your loss.

No-one can comment on your results as you've given no reference ranges, do you have them?

As you have Hashimoto's, are you addressing this by being scrupulously gluten free to help reduce the antibody attacks? Many members have had great success with this. Some also need to be dairy free. Supplementing with selenium also helps reduce the attacks as does a suppressed TSH.

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Not sure what reference ranges are?


Twiggy1972 They are usually in brackets, at the side of the result or underneath. As an example, something like the following (I've used the reference ranges from the private UK lab many of us use so yours will be different):

TSH- 0.52 (0.27-4.2)

FreeT3- 3.63 (3.1-6.8)

FreeT4-0.69 (12-22)


Really sorry for your loss too.. a stressful state always affects health.


Thank you. Outliving my child has been hard on my health.


So sorry for your loss. The trauma of losing a child would have a significant impact on your physical and psychological state. I hope you have some good support to get you through this and that you are being exceptionally kind and compassionate towards yourself 💗


Thank you!


So sorry for your loss. Stress has such an impact on health, can trigger a real down trend on our condition for a while... X


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