I cant find my recent post but am happy to report that at last my heart has returned to 'normal' beating instead of banging away and I have reduced to 2 grains Armour.

I have also taken note of today's post about alternatives to Armour as my GP surgery may be closing down and as they are 'anthroposofic!!' I doubt I will obtain NDT from the ordinary surgeries in town.

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  • I am glad your reduced dose has solved your problem. Sometimes, in our desperation to feel better we can go a bit too high but don't realise it.

    When looking for our posts/replies etc. Click on your name and then Profile and you will get a list. In the meantime, I think this is the one you refer to.


  • Thanks for your answer Shaws and the advice/link.

    I kept on going up in dose as I didnt find any relief at all but at least I know which is the highest dose, even if my symptoms remains exactly the same.

  • So some of your symptoms haven't improved at all with NDT? If not, I'd be apt to try another make of NDTas I tried about 3 or 4 altogether.

  • No, I have had no improvement at all, so maybe I should take your advice and ask my present GP if I could try another make while I have the chance. I may end up having to buy privately if I have to find another GP practice!

  • Hi Topaz1, I go to the same GP as you I think and will have the same problem in September as I also take Armour. I know 2 of the GP will be willing to give private prescriptions but if there is a cheaper alternative that works then I will be interested. Perhaps we should stay in touch?

  • I agree. Maybe we should PM?

  • I spoke to my GP today and he is looking into supplying Erfa! I also asked for both antibodies tests and rT3 next time. He seemed to agree but said I'd had tests done recently and they usually only do them once a year!!!! So, a long time till the next test.

  • Topaz, if you're changed from Armour to Erfa you should have a blood test 6-8 weeks later. People react to brand changes and 1 grain Erfa has 35mcg T4 and 8mcg T3 whereas 1 grain Armour has 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3.

  • Thanks Clutter - I will remember all that if I do get a change of meds.

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