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Can anybody advise on a good multivitamin liquid supplement plus minerals. I have a friend that I am concerned about but she just laughs off many obvious symptoms - I think in denial - her memory is absolutely terrible, she is tired but hyper if that makes sense. Her husband has now started to be concerned, I thought if I could get her at least on supplements then suggest blood checks it might be a way into the situation, she is so kind and helpful to many including me and I know a crash is coming if somebody doesn't step in. Hope this is not off subject but would appreciate any suggestions from this forum. Thank you.

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I would never recommend any multivit to anybody. They are just a huge waste of money because you don't get anything much out of them, but might get things you don't need. They aren't going to help. She needs testing for vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin, and supplementation built up around those results.

A multivit would not contain enough of anything to help a true deficiency. And, there's no point in taking stuff you don't need. More is not better. And, with some things, it can be dangerous.

Plus, if she starts supplementing B vits, she will not then get a true reading when she does get tested, and Pernicious Anemia could be missed.

My advice would be to keep encouraging her to get some tests done - if she has thyroid problems, or anything else serious, vitamins and minerals are not going to help much, anyway. Don't waste her money on taking just any old thing, haphazardly. That's not the way to do it. :)

Thank you greygoose - I was hesitant re supplementation but wondered if she listened then suggesting a blood test to check all levels 1st but how to go about it, as I said to others I think her husband might be a door opening for me. Thank you for your advice and I will now try again to get through before things go topsy turvey. Reminds me of myself a bit, none so blind etc. etc.


It would be better if you friend had thyroid blood tests if you suspect she is hyperthyroid and ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested to check for deficiencies rather than taking a multi-vit and hoping for the best.

Shaw has suggested something along the same lines so will mull over the best way to help - if I can!!

Before giving your friend multi-vitamins try and persuade her to get a full blood test as there could be other reasons she's not 'herself'.

I do know some people are afraid of doctors and if they are aware of symptoms might not want to be told something negative.

If you are hypo/hyper yourself, say that you will accompany her to the doctor if she needs support as you know that more women have a problem with their gland than men. It will do know harm to have a blood test and will exclude any problems which may be arising.

It might be something as simple as low iron or Vit D or B12 but to get a full thyroid function test too. If she's deficient in vitamins the GP should prescribe.

I hope you are successful in persuading her.

Thank you Shaw - I will give this some thought as to how to get her to listen, I couldn't go with her to GP as it is the same practice as mine and I am persona non gratis there having had to fight my corner and getting nowhere. Perhaps her husband might be ready to hear, he has many health issues and if she goes down he would be in a pretty sorry state.

You have to be the Diplomat especially as the GP is yours also. :)

Sometimes our instinct tells us that the other person has symptoms which could be due to thyroid. Tell her you would be happy if she agreed to ask GP to test her thyroid hormones as you think everyone should have one every few years.

Also tell her that we are usually very low in vitamins especially B12 and Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate and she could have the one test that covers Thyroid and vits/minerals.

Have just looked up BH tests and the thyroid ones seem to cover more including B12 - I had these done and they gave me a clearer picture than GPS tests. So thank you again for suggestions. Was not sure if anybody would respond as it is off topic a bit and not for myself.

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