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Using Genova for Adrenal/Cortisol testing - help please

Could someone please tell me how to go about getting prices for the Adrenal saliva test?

Also It is asking for a healthcare provider.

"Only healthcare providers licensed in their state may order laboratory testing. Use the button below to find a healthcare provider in your area."

I seem to remember there is a link something to do with Thyroid UK that I have seen recently. Or am I going mad?

Thanks in advance


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jbthyro You go to the Genova Testing page on ThyroidUK's website here and right at the top is a link to click on for a PDF of their tests. I can't give a link to the PDF as I'm on my tablet and it doesn't let you do it, but click on it and scroll through to page 5 and you'll see

Adrenal Stress Profile (ASI): Cortisol/DHEA

Specimen requirements: Saliva

Cost: £77.00 (Discounted Price for TUK only)

Order Code: END01

Turnaround time: 7 - 10 days

The Genova page on TUK gives details on how to order and what to do to receive your results (nearer the bottom of the page). Using the code given on that page tells them that TUK is your practioner. I think you may have been looking on Genova's website (maybe the US site) to see the information about a health provider.


Make sure you are using the UK website for Genova Diagnostics. I've got terribly confused in the past when I got that one wrong!

Make sure you look at the Additional Resources.

The full price - click Endocrine (Hormonal) and you find it is £82. The TUK price saves £5.

How to order and how to get your results is shown here :


Thank you humanbean and SeasideSusie for taking time to give me so much detail about ordering. That's brilliant.


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