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Very Irratable

I haven't been diagnosed with anything but had bloods tests with blue horizon which stated my results were in normal range , my question is does anyone ever feel that everyone is getting on their nerves !! I was quite calm but have changed into a Irratable and short tempered old devil. I got back from a weekend away and on a coach trip I wanted to tell some of the passengers a few things cause of how they were acting noisy, selfish and for 4 days I just felt so tired Irratable and wanted to get home anyone have these symptoms or is it only grumpy me !!

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Tressy87 Feeling unwell for any reason can make us irritable. I am battling a lung infection at the moment, have been left without treatment by my GP for many weeks, and on the days when I feel worse I have been getting irritable and impatient which isn't like me.

However, looking back at your last thread, did you get the new lot of tests done that you mentioned? Do you have the results (with ranges) from those? Have you asked for B12, Vit D, ferritin and folate to be tested?


Since being dx Hashis I have been very irritable! All of my physical symptoms are now gone but I do get irritated with people a lot, especially my poor husband :-( Wish I knew what to do about it!!


Having looked at your last post I wouldn't be surprised that you are grouchy and irritable. Your thyroid is definitely not working well.

I used to have a severe temper problem. I was very laid back when I was young and wouldn't say boo to a goose. But as I got older my temper got worse and worse. I found out the cure totally by accident - I went gluten-free to see if it would help my gut. The result was almost miraculous. I noticed after about a week that my mood had improved immensely and I didn't feel angry any more. And I hadn't even been looking for this as an improvement. I got other benefits as well.

I had been tested for coeliac disease a few years before I gave up gluten, and the test result was negative. So don't assume you don't have a gluten problem because of the result of a previous coeliac test. Coeliac tests aren't reliable. You will have to try it and see.


Thanks for the reply when you said you weren't surprised about my thyroid and its wasn't working well what did you mean? Sorry my mind is a bit foggy at the moment.


I read this post of yours :

and I saw your results weren't great, and nor were you being treated. Low thyroid could make anyone irritable. I didn't mean anything sinister. :)


O no I didn't think you were at all. Not knowing much about what the results meant I wondered which result look too low or too high, thanks I will be glad when I get the results back and for someone to explain what's going on! Thanks for you reply


I was assuming that the reference ranges given by SeasideSusie were the ones that applied to your results, in which case :

Your TSH is too high. (Hypothyroidism makes TSH rise.) It needs to be roughly 1 or under. Sadly, many doctors in the UK think that people don't need treating until their TSH has risen to 10, so you might have a long wait for treatment. Some doctors will treat when TSH > 5, but I don't know how often that happens.

Your Free T4 is scraping along the bottom of the range, and to feel well many of us need it to be in the top quarter of the range. This only applies if people are taking levo, the standard treatment.

Your Free T3 is in the lower half of the range, and many people need it to be in the top third of the range. But again, it depends on what you are taking.

But overall, your results are not going to make a doctor treat you, they aren't bad enough for the number-obsessed medical profession.

I would suggest getting nutrient levels up to optimal, and then see how it changes things.


Thanks for your reply I understand it a little more now thanks again


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