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Hyper weightloss

Hello again!

Just a quickie... Have been on Carbi for 4 weeks... Diagnosed at T4 51, TSH<0.01.

My last bloods (last week) showed reduction of T4 42.

My dose was reduced to 20mg (instead of 40mg) as I had been having allergic reactions...

I thought Carbimazole made everyone gain weight??? I am a bit concerned as over 4 weeks later I am still losing... This morning showed another 1.5 kg lost this week...

My resting heart rate has decreased from 110 to 85 now, so I would've thought I would've stopped losing weight? I am eating like a little piggy too!

Should I be concerned?

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I've been taking Carbimazole now for just over 3 years and had lost a dramatic amount of weight. During the last 3 years I only ever gained around 3-4 lbs and that was after quite some time and then I lost it again. Just recently gained 4 lbs and so far managing to keep it on.



Thanks Christine, yes I did remember about your weightloss. So your levels were normal when you continued to lose?

I am overweight, so it is welcome for me, but I just thought having read on here about the weight gain once on Carbi... that it was more common to gain once on Carbimazole??

I lost 6kg in 2-3 weeks initially... then stayed the same for over a week... But now lost another 1.5kg.

I wonder as my heart rate has come down why this has happened?


Have to doctors ever explained to you why Christine?


My doctors and various endos I've seen (not often seen the same endo at my appointments) have ever explained to me much about ANY of the condition Graves/Hyper including the fact that I had Graves - I only found out I had Graves because someone on this forum asked me if I had after I had posted something and so I asked one of the endos and that was about 18 months ago, so I had been tested for Graves anti bodies at diagnosis and no-one had thought it necessary or helpful to tell me !!

I don't think I have gained weight over the years because up until now I have been heavily over medicated with both Carbimazole and Thyroxine and bloods not tested as often as they should have been and basically been left feeling extremely ill and left to "rot". However, now that I know more about the condition I ask a lot more questions and if I feel I need my bloods testing, I ring and make an appointment rather than waiting for "them" to get in touch with me - or I could be waiting a long long time once again ! In 2014 I only had ONE blood test done and I should have been having blood tests every 4/6 weeks.



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