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Don't think T3 is suiting me

After trialing t3 for 2 months now I am not sure it is suiting me and my adrenals. Am in the middle of a 24hr urine t3/t4 collection test at the moment which I am hoping will tell me something in a week's time.

As t3 can be a stimulant for adrenals (from what I have read on Dr Lam's site), I thought I would try taking a small dose of 5mcg during the afternoon instead of taking the whole 10mcg at around midnight to see if it made any difference to the severe anxiety I have mornings and afternoons. Funnily enough my anxiety yesterday and this morning wasn't quite so bad....coincidence??? Can't say taking 5mcg in the day made me feel any better either; about an hour or so later I experience heart banging although my bp, pulse and temp all OK. I am noticing nothing positive on it so far, apart from it doesn't appear to keep me awake at night.

I messaged Dr Lam and he said the following "T3 is by nature stimulatory, and if your body has resistance issues, then T3 can cause more harm than good. This situation is complex and cannot be answered by email. you should go back to your doctor and ask for explanation of why you are experiencing what you are and what solutions are available. We deal with many people like you on the telephone, but everyone is different. YOU have to reset and break the vicious cycle, but has to be done carefully or you can make matters worse quickly"

Not sure how long to give it before I need to say it doesn't work for me and just stay on bloody T4. Although NDT would be an option I suppose?

I would like a FULL sex hormone panel done; had the basics done via the NHS but don't know where I can get a kit for a FULL one because being post meno has deffo made a difference to me

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You're probably taking too low a dose to make a difference. Rather than ditching it and giving up, maybe you could consider increasing slowly untul you get to 20mcg - 30mcg.... and see how you are.

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Intially t3 was not suiting me too.... but i started ldn started with 2mg and worked upto 4.5mg helped me alot i am doing good on t3..... better to start with the low dose....and once the neck symtoms started jus increase the dose slightly......


Plus u must be gluten free.... t3 didnt work for me until i completely eliminate gluten from my diet.... i m on low carb diet and doing really good on it...


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Then ldn higly recommended....


Ldn? Why?


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