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Downhill since Mexican


After starting out on NHS Mercury Pharma which I found inconsistent with batches that didn't work. I decided to try Mexican Cynomel which I found very effective on 2 3/4 tablets a day. When these were no longer available I tried Uni Pharma which seemed very weak so I then tried Tiromel and I am now on 7 tablets a day with all hypo symptoms! Does anyone know of any others? Thanks

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Have you had thyroid tests to check levels since you've been on 175mcg T3?

Perrigo/Paddock, Eurogen, Jones Pharma, T3-pro, Alpha Pharma's Thyro3, Berlin-Chemie, Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Triyotex, Kalpa Pharma, and ACE Pharma are other brands of T3. I don't know how easily available they are without prescription.


Thanks for that and sorry for delay in replying. A blood test would have been interesting I'm not sure whether I would have been off the top or bottom of scale. The way I felt it would have been the bottom! Slept most of day and night, brain fog and gained a stone in weight despite not eating as I couldn't be bothered. I am now back on the prescribed 3xd Mercury Pharma and feeling a bit better


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